Wraith's Decoy: A hypothetical change?


Annnd here we go with another one of “those” threads. This is a discussion, keep it civil.

With the announced changes to Wraith’s Decoy that are still to be finalized apparently, I thought I would post my thoughts down to see how we could “fix” it to be fair in its current state. Keep in mind: This is an opinion and doesn’t necessarily reflect how I truly feel about the situation, in fact I’m actually thrilled about the announced Decoy changes, but disappointed they had to remove the cloak for the sake of player enjoyment on the hunter side.


  • Decoy should do half the damage of the actual wraith with Supernova or not, following the point system from 9.0, it’d be 50% for 1-2 and for 3, 75% or some number.

  • Cut the CD time, give traversal back, and reduce reveal time (when shot) again to compensate for these changes.

  • Give the hunters detection tools in the form of Traversal trails and a subtle particle effect while the cloak is active, essentially they can spot it easily at 5-10 meters while at 15-20 it’s difficult to spot. This allows the Wraith to close the distance or get away effectively. One thing that’s always annoyed me about the Wraith’s cloak is that she could be right up in your face and you still couldn’t see her unless she let you.

The issues;


  • It does too much damage. As-is the decoy actually does a noticeable difference in damage than the normal Wraith with or without Supernova active and one flipping point into it.

  • There is no visible cues as to where the Wraith is during the process unless it does something such as a traversal, melee, sneak pounce, etc.


  • It restricts movement, you can’t traversal while the Decoy is active.

  • Unreliable. The AI is dumber than a box of rocks 9 times out of 10. It is an AI after all, it’s predictable.

  • 28s cooldown means the ability cannot be used often enough to be worth any points into it at S1 or even S2 in most instances.

  • the .5s flash time when you get shot makes you light up like a Christmas tree when you get shot while moving to re-position.

If I missed something, feel free to tack it on.

So, how do we “fix” it and keep the cloak at the same time?

I’ve wracked my brain and have seen some good suggestions in the past. Given the provision that she is given her ability to Traversal while under the cloak back again and the other ability stats are adjusted to be useful again. Unless otherwise mentioned, no changes from 9.0 come into play for this, SN is still effective with Decoy, etc. Now before you get your pinch forks, hear me out.

  • While cloaked if the Wraith traversals, she should leave behind some visible signs that was just there. A white streak like the one she leaves behind while visible.

    • Sub additive that I thought up; Why not some subtle added particle effect that makes the Wraith shimmer while the cloak is active, similar to the one with Supernova, just not so exaggerated.

This allows for less experienced players to still track the Wraith and more experienced ones to do the same. There has to be a fine balance between remaining viable and still being able to be seen to a certain extent. She is the size of a small building at S2/3 after all.

  • Damage output should be effectively reduced while the Decoy is active. This is the most important thing here that I haven’t seen most people address. As I mentioned earlier, the actual Wraith does less damage with or without supernova active than the decoy can punch out. That’s a problem.

  • Following the same changes for the ability point scheme for 9.0 (1 pt gives you the ability, 2 gives you utility, 3 gives you more fighting strength out of it), I’d propose that it does 50% of the maximum damage of the actual Wraith at the first and second points, 3rd it does 75% of the total damage output.

As a hypothetical example (since I don’t have the current melee numbers), suppose the Wraith’s light melee does 100 damage, the heavy does 250, and a 1/2nd point SN does 125 damage per hit, while a 3rd point SN does 150 per hit.

With these numbers I threw out for Decoy:
Light 1-2: 50
Light 3: 75
Heavy 1-2: 125
Heavy 3: 187
SN 1-2: 62/hit
SN 3: 75/hit
SN (3pt) 1-2: 93/hit
SN (3pt) 3: 112/hit

Decoy’s damage bonus shouldn’t stack with SNs damage bonus, and I think that’s part of the issue, it should be a fixed value. This is a similar amount of damage that the decoy actually does now under the effects of SN.

With that said, adjust the values so the actual Wraith does more damage and is able to do Traversal under cloak. The hunters should also be given some detection tools such as a subtle particle effect and I think that would work. Another thing I’d like to see is that you’re able to prime an ability while under cloak, but the decoy won’t dissipate when you prime it (exception to SN), but the decoy does dissipate when you activate it (you click).



Do we know numbers for the new decoy/wraith yet? If not, I’ll revisit this after TU9.


They said decoy won’t be affected by supernova in the next update.
Anyway i think that as long as you can’t attack while invisible the decoy will always suck offensively, the AI will never be smart enough to be effective against decent hunters. Wraith needs to be able to attack while the decoy is active otherwise the ability will always be unreliable in combat.
There’s no way to make the decoy useful in combat unless you remove the invisibility and allow the Wraith to attack and use abilities while the decoy also distracts the hunters and does some damage.


That’s why it’s in the suggestion box >.>


Did you even bother reading?

No, we don’t. It’s just a suggestion to try to keep the cloak on Decoy and giving some of its utility back while making it easier to spot, essentially keeping both sides of the fence happy…


Cloaking is being thrown out the window whether we like it or not.

It’s kind of a useless crusade to try and get it to be kept in the game. The only reason cloaking will come back is if:

A) No cloak is a terrible idea and all it did was massively nerf Wraith.
B) We have an actual stealth assassin Wraith.

Unless A or B happen cloaking is not happening in Evolve again, that’s basically confirmed at this point.


No, i just wanted to share my opinion.