Wraith's Abduction


Hey guys. So the only problem I’m having with the Wraith (aside from still sucking when I play as it), is the Abduction skill. It feels like if I hit a leaf in the air, it immediately stops the skill from reaching my intended target. Is anyone else having a problem with it, and if so, is there a work around you’ve noticed works best? Or is there a future patch that will let the skill actually knock over trees similar to when moving around and what not?


It’s entirely intentional. It’s supposed to be really hard to land because it’s such a powerful tool. It’s the tradeoff, y’see.


Pro tip.Use your traversal ability(warp) in the air to get high in the air so you have a clear vision and nothing will be able to stop it :slight_smile:


Any physical object between you and your target will stop the abduction. Don’t abduct unless you have a clear sight line.


Ah, I see. Thanks!


Oh snap, I never considered that. Thanks for the huge tip!


You just need practice, practice, practice. I had a hard time landing abduction during the first two days of the beta, but eventually I figured out how to aim it properly and now I leave my games with 10 - 15 successful abductions per game, sometimes even more. If you play enough you will get to know the different maps better, and you will find spots that are viable for abductions, enabling you to set up sweet traps.

If you are sitting on higher ground, watching the hunters searching you and you have no clear path… be patient. One of them will eventually get in a position where you can snatch him away right under the eyes of his team. Also, you can abduct incapitated hunters! If you get someone down, and you have to retreat, but you already see someone running towards the guy to rescue him… abduct the incapitated one to lenghten their running way and eventually let him bleed out.


Yeap being in the air is much more easier.But it will also require some practice because it will be a huge improvement.
Think about it like this.Abduction has HUGE range.If you are in the ground and manage to abduct someone from Max range you can easily abduct+pounce.By the time someone comes to shoot you to stop the pounce the hunter will be either dead or at least ready to die.