Wraith's 3 star challenge (30 pounces while invisible) is so annoying!


I’m finding this very annoying to complete currently i’ve got 15/30 but a lot don’t count,sometimes it doesn’t seem to work properly it’s very dodgy mechanic,also when you decoy to start the process it kills the animal your trying to pounce on for the challenge lol F*kn nightmare grrrr!!!


Try cloak pouncing on hunters in solo. It’s easiest on arena and defend. hopefully this will make it easier for you to get elite mastery for wraith.


I’ve tried that but the pounce move kind of jumps over the hunter lol it’s so annoying or they break my invis with something

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I had similar problems back when i was working to reach elite. As it is one of the more tedious masterys to finish, your best bet is just to grind. Atleast the wraith masterys dont take as long as they did at launch. Those were a bit brutal.


Yeah i guess it’s harder now that certain things can attack the Wraith while cloaked like Bucket’s turrets and Markov’s Lightening gun,but yeah i’ll grind it out as i want the trophy for all Elite Monsters,only Wraith and Kracken to finish

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and for kraken:

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Kool I’ve just got kracken to do now anyway,finally did Wraith!