Wraith. You've created a monster. Seriously


I don’t know if there is some strategy with this character but I don’t enjoy playing against it. You made a creature too powerful. It is basically the definition of overpowered. I have beaten it a couple times, but not enough to give it a good review. It has too many good perks. Honestly I think the damage on it needs to be tweaked. I am not a fan of altering a game for one thing, but I have been talking to and reading multiple posts that all come to the same conclusion, Hunters hate it Monsters love it. I know why people love the wraith. I don’t believe it is balanced well. I don;t know what the numbers on this monster are but I do believe they should be reigned in enough to make the hunters be able to win an even number of times. I know that there was a supposed nerf from the beta to know. So I don’t even want to imagine what it looked like a month ago.

Long story short, Great game. In my humble beliefs the wraith needs to be tuned.


wraith is currently at 59% win rate. still a little on the high side but ppl unlocked her day 1 vs new hunters as well. so that adds to it. she can be beaten. pubs will be alot harder to do so but invite ppl you play with if they did good and get on the mic. communication beats the wraith.


Wraith is still the most toxic thing to play as and against. Until they get a bigger nerf, I won’t touch them.


I’m obviously no expert, but I think that Wraiths problem is that it is supposed to be stealthy with hit and run, but you can just teleport around the map so damn fast turning the game on easy mode.


Ultimately, the Decoy skill is where most of the problems players are having are (apart from supernova being a bit of a dull skill but I’m ok with that).

Either Decoy is broken by giving free game time to the Wraith at no resource cost, giving it’s already vast mobility an extra means of avoiding damage/breaking tracking, or by getting some damage on the hunters for free.

It adds up to a pretty unfun and uninteractive experience for the hunter players, as even if you do somehow dome it (and it’s mobility pretty much forces you to “as-soon-as-you-can” dome not “in-the-right-environment” dome) it can just spam 3 jumps and be out before it lands, or repeat the cycle of jumping to the other side and using decoy.


You want her to be balanced but haven’t played against her enough to give a good review?

She’s not fine but at the same time I find Goliath easier to destroy hunters with. It’s really just lower ranks I think. You have to have people communicate. Stage 3 may need a Nerf simply so that if she goes against a team with no strikes she loses. But I kinda feel that’s how all the monsters should be.


People, play against the Wraith. Try. Lose, win, doesn’t matter. What matter is to learn about it. Get better.

This game is too new, people will need to play it a lot before jumping to conclusions.


Can’t agree with you more man. Been posting this in every Wraith topic. People have not had enough time to play against her. Kraken was in the same spot as Wraith during the big alpha with a 70% win rate. They barely tweaked a few numbers and with more experience against Kraken his number slowly went down to 50% win rate.

The game just came out 2 days ago and people already want changes to something they’ve played probably less than 50 games against wraiths. I have no issues fighting/ tracking wraiths. With an uncoordinated team yes it can be frustrating but she is by no means overpowered


It may be new, but I have 31 hours on the game since it was released. This might be my own biased opinion talking, but I’ve played enough to be allowed a view on this. A lot of people are in the same position.


I was playing as wraith last night against a pretty damn good team, they were on my ass nearly the entire time and it was a bit of a struggle the entire match, I ended up winning with about less than a bar of health and it was one of the first matches I had trouble playing as wraith.

People are learning and they had me up against the ropes, I would consider myself to be one of the more annoying wraith players as well.


Agreed change it somehow. Just so boring to play against.


More experienced players are beating wraith…repeatedly. She just leaves less room for error than the others. Certain things you have to learn:

  1. You can still shoot the wraith when it’s invisible. If you shoot her she will very briefly appear. Keep shooting and you can force her to warp, terminating decoy.

  2. Decoy is predictable and very susceptible to slows and traps. Learn to recognize that short animation that indicates she’s splitting. And remember that shooting a decoy causes it to flash and if her hp isn’t moving when you shoot it, quickly switch your focus to finding that real one

  3. supernova as a finite radius that increases with level. Save your jetpack to dodge out of it

  4. She’s is extremely squishy, Damage amp from Cabot + competent assault just melts away armor and hp.


I started to kill Wraiths a lot more since Beta. I believe that she’s very close to the perfect state of being right now - but only telemetry will tell.


It’s only day 3 and every game I join is Wraith already.


You know, it’s funny.

I have no trouble killing Wraith- it’s Kraken I have problems with. If it’s Wraith, fine, just stick a harpoon in her ass until Parnell or Hyde gets here, drop the dome if needed. If it’s Kraken, harpoon in it- and I’m instakilled by lightning, it’s flying around 50m in the fucking air out of reach of everything, and then the lightning goes again and one-shots the other 2 Hunters, leaving the Medic to just panic and scurry around like a retard (usually a Val).

Wraith got a nerf from the beta to full game, her Decoy cooldown is longer and she can’t warp while cloaked. Warping will break the cloak.

Kraken, while visible, is nigh impossible to catch because he moves far faster and farther than Wraith- and also he can attack from nearly across the map with one attack that can borderline insta-kill.


How so? I’m really interested in how.


Pinpoint location, waste their warp and end it with an arena. Shooot near the Decoy, not the Decoy. Pop it visible - And get assault to burn its face.


I can agree that I don’t really have a lot of experience with fighting it, but I have more than enough player experience to say that there isn’t a good balancing in this character. Maybe it’s my team but I am really going to assume it;s the monster.


I don’t know what you mean by near it’s location? I understand that is throws a decoy 5 - 15 meters in front of it.


I still find Wraith boring to fight against, I can easily take her out but it’s the fact that I’m just running around for most of the game. When I do kill them, after game stats I talk so much shit . I tell them they should have engaged Stage 2 to get some penalties and possibly down us all since she has a high damage output.

Her warp blast gives her like 1.5-2.5 jumps. Give that a slightly larger cooldown and you now have a fun to fight against Wraith!