Wraith wraith wraith wraith wraith wraith wraith wraith


Obviously they’re overpowered. They can suck the life force out of you through their hands! How unfair is that!?

Come on, now, I know there’s some Stargate fans out there :wink:


I feel like this could of been posted in the numerous Wraith threads currently active. We’re all aware of the situation with the Wraith.


I swear i already saw a thread like this but it was about the halo speeder thing

Get original bur


sigh I don’t understand why people keep getting pissed at my little jokes on these boards. Mods, feel free to delete thread. Whatever.


Man this thread sucks the life out of me. Hurhurhurhur.


Don’t feel so bad, Baysin. The Wraith topic is just a little tired right now. Don’t get discouraged, I look forward to more quips.


I don’t even watch stargate and I found it funny.

Don’t be so hard on yourself!


People are getting upset after the beta has closed… already going through withdrawals. It’s giving them short tempers towards people with good intentions, like yourself.

Plus as far as I’m concerned, it’s harder to see my hilarious quip unless I tag you in it or I make an entirely new conversation.


You did not just do that. Good God, these jokes are so draining. And @Baysin don’t be discouraged by negativity. Haters gon’ hate. Be like Behemoth- just absorb it all with your thick skin and keep on rolling.

I’m sorry. I had to.


Such a shame they stopped the production of SG:Atlantis…


I feel like I’m going to be a terrible Behemoth player. I’m going to do everything in my power to casually roll past/over the hunters as I transition from one meal to the next. Screw keeping out of sight, it’ll be funny.


And when they dome you?
But, yes, I will do the same. If I’m a nigh invincible rock beast, I may as well sct like it. Plus it’ll be fun to see them scamper away.


Sorry that Sonic’s not spinning.