Wraith Worries


Hi, I have some questions for TRS regarding the Wraith in the next major patch.

-I know the Decoy ability for Wraith is getting an overhaul. Are other abilities getting overhauled too?
-Are there going to be any progress resets for the Wraith as a result of these overhauls?

The main reason I’m asking these is because I want to make the Wraith my first elite monster. If my progress gets reset because I couldn’t do it fast enough I’ll be a sad panda. :cry: I don’t wanna be as close as I am to l33ting Wraith and then have it all go away!


Just a quick note that I think the devs have said that it is not the next patch that’ll see the changes to wraith, it’s for a future patch. You have a little time yet!


As far as we know, it’s only Decoy. Decoy really needed this with its… erratic AI.~

I actually don’t know if they’ll reset progress for the new Decoy. Most likely yes imo.

We’ll all wait together. With oreos.


Count me in!!!


I’ve been a victim of Decoy’s erratic AI more than once. So if the overhaul makes all the drunk Decoys go home, that will be a definite plus. :slightly_smiling:

Also, did you know Oreos are vegan?


Luckily, neither cheese cake or whiskey is vegan!!


Uses decoy near hunters
Decoy turns around aggro’s Mammoth Birds, reveals cloaked player


God, no. Please. I hate how Decoy gets so much trashing. I’ve always found it a useful, if semi-unreliable ability. I pray/Hope they don’t remove the damage or movement of the Decoy. Save the changes for an Adaptation, please… :weary:

EDIT: For clarification: IF the changes are to make it more reliable with its AI, I’m all for it. Any other changes, I’m weary about.


There’s no information guaranteeing that this will happen or even if it will happen to OG or adaptation of Wraith.

For all we know it’s not even something that’ll be in the final game.

I’m just hoping we actually get assassin Wraith for an adaptation.


As I said on the actual Wraith thread regarding Decoy, while I’m all for making Decoy more viable, it irks me a little that this just continues to push Wraith from the assassin arch-type she was meant to be. She’s now more of a blitz Monster, if you will. Without invisibility, Decoy will offer little in terms of repositioning, since the whole Hunter team will remember which one is the real one.

Plus, the trailer distinctly shows that when Wraith uses Decoy, she becomes invisible, as the Decoy moves in to attack. Though it probably isn’t a huge deal, any new players excited about being invisible as the Wraith could be let down. Consistency is very helpful in marketing and encouraging buys. One of the few things AngryJoe got right in his review is that people didn’t know what they were getting, and that hurt sales. People want to use what they see, and new players looking at trailers might see the Wraith go invisible, get excited and then be disappointed that she could not.

Of course, this is just me being a nitpick. I’m still excited to see how the new Decoy will work.

You don’t mean to say that TRS is ending Evolve’s development, soon? :scream:


I agree with a lot of what you say. People say she’s not a brawler but just look at that. It really kinda pisses me off that the Assassin Monster is progressively becoming a glorified brawler.


  • Goliath - Brawler

  • Meteor Goliath - Brawler

  • Kraken - Ranged Attacker

  • Wraith - [S]Assassin[/S] Brawler

  • Behemoth - Tank

  • Gorgon - Ambusher

I’m hoping that if this Wraith is changed we get an actual stealth assassin as an adaptation.

Not to mention your paragraph on marketing. It’s important to avoid inconsistencies. Showing an assassin then delivering a brawler to newcomers is a bad idea.

No I mean it’s something they toyed around with, its possible they can still scrap the idea.


This will bring an all new cheap meaning to supernova decoys…

Good luck out healing 2 wraiths supernovaing you.


Okay. Phew! You almost had me post a NO compilation on the video thread.

@Torvald_Stavig It wouldn’t even need to be two supernova Wraith’s. One supernova Wraith + a normal Wraith can still ruin the thing that is ‘heals’



Wraith doesn’t have the HP, armor, or enough ways to mitigate damage… so the fact that they’ve basically turned her into a brawler makes her completely worthless.

Kraken can focus down a Hunter quicker than Wraith can, and Behemoth probably can as well. So in a nutshell you’re playing a brawler that has less HP, Armor, and survivability than the other brawlers that can do around the same damage, or more, than the Wraith. There is no point in playing her.

Can someone explain why this is and justify it?


She used to have the best in combat mobility and control of the battlefield that’s why and that control over targets was nerfed into oblivion and killed her in more ways than one because now a harpoon will always force ground you and you have minimal control over mid air hunters


I have played wraith for a couple of months, then I switched to kraken for a month, and now I have tried wraith again. My findings are that on wraith it requires alot more effort (read HP) to get a kill. As a kraken at stage 2 I feel pretty confident and I feel like I can finish the game if the hunters are not super good.
On wraith it’s a different story, catch a hunter off guard, get him to 10% but fail to finish the job because someone decided to spam harpoons. Or perhaps Sunny started boosting the hunter which allows them to dodge every ability you have with minimal effort. Or both.

Personally I think that wraith should have more damage than the kraken since she has less health and needs to be in melee range almost constantly. She definitely feels alot weaker than the kraken.
Harpoons are too effective vs wraith.


Don’t balance around Kraken.

Ignoring Kraken, Wraith is - in competitive play at least - definitely doing better than every other Monster. Even after everything.

She needs changes, sure, but not necessarily buffs exclusively.
The other Monsters safe for Kraken need them a lot more.


My question is why did TRS think it was okay to nerf the shit out of the Wraith while the Kraken has remained virtually untouched?

Wraith: Oh, my traversal and warp speed is slow as shit while my decoy has a 28 second cool down. Not only that but my cone of attack has been reduced so focusing on a single hunter is that much difficult. What’s that? You gave me more armor? Uhh… thanks. :confused:

Kraken: Oh, I can only shoot banshee mines one at a time while my lightning strike radius is increased. Thanks! :smile:


Kraken was sitting at 40% WLR according to telemetry. So going by that data, they needed to buff him so newer players don’t get obliterated when playing him. Wraith is a lot easier to get into and has a higher WLR. That said, I hate playing wraith now. She was my favourite monster now her combat sucks.