Wraith with no invisible on decoy... NO


This sounds cool, but there’s a lot to be said about popping decoy out of LOS then creeping up to an unsuspecting medic for the stealth pounce! Maybe leave this for the adaptation? Although the decoy does need to be smarter regardless!


Yeah, I’m a bit disappointed as well, although I can kinda understand from a Hunter’s perspective.

I mean, they’ve been fighting Goliaths and Krakens that are all up in your face, and then there’s a sneaky Monster? She’s slowly and slowly turning into a brawler.


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Are you talking about the rework? I don’t find any problems with it. :confused:


come watch me stream sometime. you’ll see a sneaky wraith that gets all up in the faces of hunters.

no link needed. just search the same name.


Your main a wraith? No invisible takes away from the stealth gameplay. Why are we turning wraith into a brawler? better up the armor and health!


No, I don’t main Wraith. Personally, I don’t think stealth was exactly a good idea in the first place. Making a game where you finding the monster depends on birds, corpses, terrain, and sound doesn’t exactly help, with stealth negating these a bit.


You mean into a pounce that ends up netting no damage because it takes 1 bullet to break you out? It’s useless at the moment against any team that has a brain, its easy to tell whats decoy and whats not and if you have any source of dot damage on the wraith itself it ends up getting revealed.

So you cant deal damage with it, it becomes an ability with the pure intent of juking, and even then you end up making a noise on the real body when it finishes. If the hunters still know your position after using it, then its still a terrible ability.

Giving it combat capability actually allows her to fight in between combo’s instead of just mitigating and trying to reset, theres nothing wrong with the change because she still retains that hit and run play style with trying to get a strike on someone and then getting out whereas a brawler can push harder for an all in to win the game with that fight.


wraith’s have to feed too. and guess what? this is why hunters have GOOD trappers. when i use to play hunter ( back when the decoy spam wraith was a thing, back when warp x3 followed by warp blast escaped many domes ), i had no problem doming wraiths. people who had good trappers knewhow to catch wraith. it’s been casual players that dictated a lot of the original patching.

even on the monsters side! there were monster players crying about markov mine damage. here’s an idea, DON’T RUN FACE FIRST INTO MINES! LOL


They’re changing her because of the toxicity surrounding the move and the style of play it enables. People would use it all the time to mitigate entire domes and FT3, which are really unfun elements that the Hunters can’t counter with skilled gameplay unless the Wraith player fucks up, in which case, it’s dying anyways. FT3 or not.

I’ve got no issue with stealth. In fact, I love it. But it has such a small margin of success in this game that it is almost impossible to perfect. She’s not being changed to a brawler, but will now further enable hit-and-run, which would mean more engagements and more fighting, with much less running. She could still be stealthy, but will no longer be maddeningly so and impossible for new players to catch.

I’m looking forward to the changes, as they mean Wraith could be more enjoyable to play on both sides of the aisle.

Before, Decoy was a death wish if it wasn’t used in the exact right situation, but now it should be much easier to use, for both new and more experienced players.

I don’t see what your real issue is other than not wanting her changed. There’s no reason she shouldn’t be subject to it, if the purpose is to make her more usable and less frustrating for the large majority of people.


Well, it isn’t a death wish, but it is so situational in it’s usefulness that it is kind of a waste of a skillpoint.


You knew what I meant.


Yea, I just thought it bore clarification.


Instead of instantly attempting to bash myself or the people I play against I’ll clarify the statement is towards gold hunters. I’ll say it again, gold, not pubs, not high bronze-low silver, golds. Even high bronze know enough to shot the area the wraith is at, why the hell would you not??

The second the pounce starts, that player will call it out, the decoy dissipates and the rest of the team also gets a pounce indicator on that players head. Consider the time it takes to spin 180 to shoot the wraith off your support. How many ticks of pounce damage did you get? 1, 2 at best if you are lucky.

With that said you still want to argue that taking the time to attempt a sneak pounce for 1-2 hits? I’m sorry but if you are actually getting a full pounce off on someone like that then it’s more of a question of who are you playing against to base your statement off of?


more engagements huh? funny i’ve been forcing a lot of stage 1 fights lately. much more fun and a good test of whether or not a need to rush to stage 3 or fight at all stages.

i think one of the reasons you see other scrub wraiths decoy and flee is due to the fact you have to move slow to your victim. which sometimes isn’t enough. and renders it pointless. idk, those are the types of people that ruin it. but how fair is it to ruin it for those who don’t do that?


Sad to say, the ones that don’t abuse it are the vast minority. I LOVED invisibility for her at release. Easy to use and didn’t force you to take unnecessary amounts of damage.

Issue is - not many people use her for early and easy strikes, so it gets taken away and can’t be toxic anymore. They are trying to change her in a way that she keeps the ability to confuse Hunters, but can no longer use it to just run.

Also, please stop insulting people and the way they play. It’s rude and against the forum rules. You haven’t offended me, but referring to other people as “scrubs” and putting down Noodles based on what you’ve read here isn’t ok.


Maybe you want to back up all these bold statements you are making?

You need to actually tell me here what kind of hunters you are playing against…there is not a single team I play against that is stupid enough to make that huge of a mistake to run around a huge giant loop without someone having line of sight on them.

I want you to actually do this against the hunters I play rather frequently, make a video of it, hell even stream it. Until then I’m under the impression that you are playing against houseplants.


Correct. But we still cannot discuss it.


i never called anyone in this topic a scrub. it was a generalization of bad monster players he had come across.


Which is generalizing everyone else you deem less-skilled. I never specified this topic. It was a general statement.


okay, but i want this to be seen. not for the discussion. i don’t find joy in playing the other monsters. i enjoy stealth. and the main thing on wraith that makes her stealth is going to be stripped away.

but now it’s hidden?!