Wraith - What Tactics are working against her?


So for Starters i wanna get a few things out of the way:

  1. Don’t want to discuss here if Wraith is OP or UP or fun to play against we already got topics for that, i just want to know some tacitcs
  2. I didn’t play the Beta, so my Experience is limited to about 8h today and 8h yesterday playing as mainly Caira
  3. I am no native speaker so yeah mistakes happen i don’t like grammar in my native language either
  4. I made this an extra topic because i think in the other topics i wouldn’t get serous answers besides much spam

Ok now i would love to hear some of the more experienced players tell me/us how we can beat Wraith, i read a lot of posts and threads in the last hour especially on wraith and she is very controverse or unliked as an enemy.

My Problem: We can’t find her till Stage 3 most of the time and on stage 3 that thing is almost onehitting me if she gets that slicer attack through.

How do you guys deal with her what are some search tipps/tactics you have or at least tipps against her in stage 3. I read often that she needs different tactics or that i had to learn how to defeat her well give me some tipps on how to do so, because right now it is pretty frustrating if i see the monster is wraith.

Good Hunt Vulpaex


wait at the relay, hope that the enemy wraith is bad in a relay fight thats all there is to it.


Because of her mobility in can be annoying to get her in the dome, so I would say the MAST tactic is very important, particularly with an addendum or having the supper cloak the trapper so you can try and get a stealth dome

For decoy, there is a visible animation when she activates it. So try and watch our for this and if you see it stop trying to shoot the decoy an focus on dodging and trying to find the real one.
For supernova, if she activates it has jet pack dodge to get out of there ASAP. Dodging straight up can be helpful as monster players tend not to look straight up too often, so it buys you a second or so


I have had success with boxing the wraith in and dpsing her to death, requires whole team communication though. no communication = low chance of win.


You have to go for the split and flush tactic. Medic and assault trapper and support full communication have team one flush her towards team 2. Out of 4 wrath matches we won 3 at stage two with the wrath running straight into a dome with harpoons layed Down and a quick orbital to weaken the shields.


The problem is to even get her in the mobile arena…
It always feels like if the wraith does not want to fight, it can always dodge the hunters.
—> Wraith always gets to pick when and where to fight (if its a clever wraith, that means it will fight in advantageous areas)


This is my opinion, but I think the best team for Wraith is Maggie, Lazarus, Hyde, and Cabot or Bucket. Daisy will track, Hydes flamethrower can reveal the Wraith while she’s using stealth, Lazarus can revive people and has stealth, and support doesn’t matter all that much, but I think Cabot could really help track with his radioactive dust.
Everyone needs to work together and not be too close or far apart. Bad results either way. Hit the Wraith hard and fast. She’s got the least health and armor. Avoid being near her while supernova is up.


I would say Abe is better than Maggie against Wraith…
He can tag her 24/7, so you know where she is (doesn’t really help as much against decent Wraith), also his slow nades can make her supernova a bit more bearable.

Maggie’s traps break like small wooden sticks against 50 ton truck running rampant.
As soon as she goes into supernova = all your traps are gone and because your traps will most likely be in position to catch her when she engages… yea.
Daisy can indeed help you in very early game against wraith, but as I said, Maggie lacks proper utility against wraith - this comes from someone who plays as trapper only, mostly Maggie or Griffin (most of my games are with Maggie, I love her play style).


Abe has never been able to track me as a Wraith but yeah the grenades help. I say Maggie because most people are HORRIBLE trackers and need daisy.


Then you have been playing bad Abe. Most people got it through pre-order thus bypassing things you learn as Maggie or Griffin. Also harpoon mines are worthless against Wraith.


Well from what I see, most people don’t do a good job as a hunter. Usually only one to two people on a team are any good. Rare to see more, but way more fun when you find a good team and everyone knows their part.


Yup plenty of excellent people on these forums and makes the game far more enjoyable.


Not just Hyde’s flamethrower, any source of damage reveals wraith when she’s cloaked. Just as her decoy flashes white when it receives damage, the real wraith flashes visible when she takes damage. Knowing this, one tip is to start shooting randomly at the area behind the moment she decoys. If your bullets land, the real wraith will keep flashing visible and you won’t lose her.


This. I play nothing but monster and win 90% of my games. Do this. Wraith CAN warp out if she’s sees dome coming. Trapper+support stealth ambush is great, as is flushing her into your trapper.

Do NOT just follow her around. You won’t catch her. Moving on. Dodge warp blast, there’s no excuse to get hit by it. Same with abduction, save you jets till right before you get hit, otherwise I’ll just see the trajectory and catch you half way down.

When she nova’s JET OUT. There’s no knock-up, so just get out. Tell your support to use cloak BEFORE everyone is dead. No one seems to understand that. Also, Abe is king. Decoy auto breaks poons. Abe is annoying. (But he requires a better player to find wraith in the first place)

If you set up mines and wraith decoys, please don’t lead the decoy through your mines…wtf. why would you waste them? 5 mines will ANNIHILATE wraith. If they use abduction a lot, take advantage of that and put deployable by using your medic as bait. Maggie traps will stop abduction and so will griffin. Parnell can just go ham with the shotty. Hyde is not recommended.

Best medic is probably caira. Val isn’t busty enough and wraith’s nova is good at spotting invis. All supports are good against wraith. If you use bucket just make sure that your turrets aren’t grouped up too much. Play your best, no specific tips for support, except that wraith pauses a long time for warp blast, and combo with poons against baited abductions (winkwinkhank)

That’s it off the top of my head. Gotta keep some advantages to myself.

You know what…I was going to edit, but I’ll just leave that typo there lol.


Hence why the flamethrower would be better than shooting bullets. Hank with his barrage could be good here too but risk wasting it though.


They negate abduct and wraith has only meele attacks… So they are not useless. No chance to clear them fast without super nova.

Well you could warpblast into them…


Yea, that wasn’t a rebuttal lol. Flamethrower is still the best counter. But when Hyde/Caira isn’t on your team, bullets can do the same job, just I think most people havent discovered it.


I’m gonna have to disagree with Caira being best medic, all medic are viable against wraith, Laz can chill out back and pepper any wraith trying to eat bodies and then go for the rez and there is no wraith on the planet that wants to soak up damage to make sure you ant rez, Val is in my opinion better than Caira because she can restrict movement which the wraith has plenty of that, the traq’s keep wraith perm-slowed and the weak spots make wraith more squishy, though i do admit she has fire and heals. they all work differently.


I find that cabot’s damage amp and hyde work well as well as if you have an abe tagging everything around makes wraith easier to find.


Maggie is utterly useless vs Wraith as the decoy can set the traps off AND the supernova AOE slicing destroys them before they are set off.

TBH Wraith has too many strengths that can negate her weaknesses. Low armor and health? Not a problem when 3 jumps covers the distance needed as the dome STARTS to come down. Goliath and Kraken can’t do that so it seems really unfair as we all know how long it takes to find any opportunity to dome it. Also even IF you dome it, the amount of ways it has to negate and avoid the damage just essentially wastes your time in there, thus rendering it nigh impossible to damage her enough. Couple this with decoy hiding her tracks and you have a monster that once the dome is down, leaves you 360 degrees of guess work as to where they went.

The other monsters don’t have it anywhere near this easy to do any of the above. The only tactic I’ve found to work is have the monster be AI for the first 5 mins haha! Even then it still gives you the slip in that dome for a while.