Wraith was over nerfed


okay i play the wraih and i have to say i agree the wraith needed a nerf but this is way to much. you have to understand its has the least amount of health and little attack power.

The supernova getting nerf really didnt matter but the decoy and its teleport was the only thing that made the wraith worth playing. now the wraith is complete garbage. it cant run when it needs to with it little sheild oh wait pointing out it also has the smallest armor bar. That is why it is a hit and run tactics.

if you have a good team you can easily catch it. Personaly the wraith is my favorite monster but this nerf was to much . it just runes the wraith for any competive and or casual play. again i agree the wraith supernova was needing a nerf but the rest was just fine. oh im sorry if you cant handle the wraith cause its to fast oh wait its suppose to be the fastest monster.

people who have a problem with the wraith need to learn how to counter and handle it. maggie alone make the wraith hard to play since you cant sneak from daisy. This monster wasnt over powered a players are just mad because they cant adapt and learn the monsters style.

the wraith needs its teleport n decoy invis back to even be worth playing again as it is designed for quick small attacks to hit and run . its dosent stay and fight it has to keep moving and if a hunter has a problem with that then its there problem.

1.3 Wraith too Weak/Strong

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