Wraith warping into a rock


In these photos i am stuck completely inside this rock. I belive i warped underneath it by warping into the ground next to the rock on the side of the hunters (near the bush) in the first picture are. I tried warping out but the only way i could warp out was the way i warped in, via warping towards the North-west ground at the edge of the rock. I believe the map is Armory. This could pertinently be a very effective exploit if not fixed


I did expect something like that to happen,i havent seen a single game that handle teleport/high speed dash and wall very well. (usualy tend to go too fast and just pop troguht a wall or a solid object and end up either inside it or on the other side.)


I haven’t had too many bugs or weird interactions with Traversal abilites. But I do recall doing some weird, superhigh jumps as Goliath when leaping on/next to a wall