Wraith Warp Blast


Lol I’m surprised the global average for warp blast on Wraith is a little less than 4k dmg


Yeah. Some people dont put more than one point into it for some reason.


The leaderboards are bugged… Did you not know this?


No I did not actually


Yeah lol I put two points and do an ave of 12k DMG


Yep! If you look at people like Crow the average time for slowing last I checked was like 1 second. Globally.


I put all 3 :slight_smile:


Yep, it’s one second of Stasis Gun slowing as the global per game average. Either the average Crow player really sucks or something is messed up :smiley_cat:


yea. i kinda wished it wasn’t bugged and the the performance numbers weren’t bugged to. however, i’m glad they’re working on bigger issues!