Wraith vs Mines

Whats up with the wraith having no consequences while warp blasting or abducting through mines? If the wraith doesn’t take damage going through the mines, at least don’t make them pop when she crosses their path. I can kind of understand why abduct would have this effect (although i still think there should be consequences like 50% less damage) , but warp blast? The wraith has 3 abilities that nullify mines 1.decoy 2.abduct 3.warp blast.

Wraith does take damage from mines when she is usinh warp blast only if its the blast that explodes the mines near her…

Wraith takes no damage from mines when:


Warp Blast



Wraith takes damage from mines when:

Warping and the warp ending while he is still in the mine radius.

Example:If you warp and the body is still in the red circle you get damaged.If you pass through you won’t.

Bottom line:A good wraith never gets hitted by mines.

PS.Markov is bad against Wraith :slight_smile:

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Thats wierd I have seen games where I blow up the mines with the blast and I still take damage… I could always be wrong :cry:

Why is Markov bad? Can you not place mines and have the wraith WB you or abduct you while standing on one? That would do damage.

Also, if the mine makes wraith waste an ability or traversal, that is a good thing for the team…

Wraith won’t take damage from mines if she teleports- through a traversal, WB or Abduct- through them. She will only take damage from them if the warp/warpblast/abduct ends inside mine radius. Try standing in them. Helps.

And no, it is not OP…Look at her tiny health and armor pool, two mines and you’ve ripped through armor and you’re into HP damage. All other monsters can avoid mines with traversals.


It makes sense if the wraith is TELEPORTING through the space. It would be nuts if it DID hurt her.


I really like how they made the Wraith has been balanced to work differently because she has very little armour and health.


Because he is.Its not like its Goliath which he has to waste Flame breath or rock throw for the mines.

Wraith can simply use abduct to damage while the fight goes on, and in the meantime destroy mines.

If a hunter is barricaded behind mines, Wraith won’t care, Wraith would use his traversals anyway to go near the hunter.And in the meantime he also destroyes the mines.

Markov is not a bad character.But i can do x3 times more damage with Hyde than Markov against Wraith.That’s all i’m saying

I can understand that. I still do more damage with Markov against wraith myself. Lightning gun has more range than flamethrower and if you place mines in places that are not easy to skill past or have your team stand on them, then the mines work better than the gas grenade. But if your team does not use the mines, then yes, hyde will do more damage as it only relies on you and not team members.

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But there is no way for your team to use the mines.

Does he stand inside the mine?

Abduct or Warp Blast.Both of the abillities break the mines w/o a possibility of Wraith taking damage.

The ONLY way for Wraith to get damaged is to stop the warp(traversal) while inside the mine.

But with any good Wraith it won’t happen.

I want to say i love Markov and he is one of my favorite assaults.But there is no way a capable Markov can do better damage than a capable Hyde against a good Wraith.

I think its ridiculous that the wraith has no repercussions to warping/abducting through the mines radius. If Goliath used his leap smash ability and his arc went through a mine radius, yet he didnt land on it, he would still get punished. as would all the other monsters. Its not that the wraith uses her ability just to negate the mine, (im sure it happens) but they use their ability not caring that there are 5 mines in the line that she is abducting or warp blasting. I played a game today where I was the only surviving hunter (Markov). The wraith had one bar of health left and she was putting pressure on me. She abducted through 2 mines (missed), and then warp blasted through a third to finish me off. My point is, she felt no reason to pay attention to my mines at all. Btw, i never said it was op. All i said was i think there should be consequences.

Yes, stand on the mine or in the radius. Even Abduct and warp blast will take damage from the mine then. Also if you place the mine a little on the inside of a cliff so the radius goes over the edge, but the mine is not destroyable from the ground, you force the wraith to choose to ignore the target on the cliff or take damage.

A good wraith can avoid mines, but if you stand on them, well, he has to take damage or ignore the target. Only decoy can clear mines for a wraith safely. And if you mine the area you are fighting, you can force the wraith to either not use Super Nova or make the wraith take massive damage for coming after you with Super Nova.

Markov is my favorite against wraith because of the damage mines do to her. You just have to have a team that works with the mines as protection and force the wraith to take damage if she is going to damage you.

The wraith is teleporting and manipulating time and that is how she warps and this causes the mines to not trigger. Its part of what makes the Wraith and I am ok with that aspect of wraith.

Can you show me in a video this?Last time i checked it with a teammate we found out that only Warp(traversal) takes damage if it ends inside the mine radius.

Warp Blast or abduction didn’t

This is what I am talking about. Make the wraith abduct you off the mine or WB you on a mine. They will take damage. If they warp through it and get you at another spot, no damage, you need to stand in the mine radius. And this makes the wraith choose to fight or run. Usually run when the armor is low.

Dude dude dude…

You are confusing me.Are we talking about the warp(traversal the SPACE button) or the Warp Blast (the 1st abillity?)

Yes the traversal can make Wraith take damage from mines but its not happening if the monster is any good.

Now if the hunter stands inside the mine.What stops me from abducting him?What stops me from Warp Blasting him?Those 2 abillities completely destroy mines without taking damage.Even if they end inside the mines

I’ll have to check that later tonight then, because I was under the impression that the wraith takes damage from the mine if you stand on it as you are abducted.

I do know that WB will take damage from a mine if you explode in the radius of it unless they changed that last patch…

I’m pretty sure you do. It always has been that way, as I recall, though admittedly I’ve not seen Markov vs Wraith in a while.

Did you test it?

I can confirm that the warp blast will not take damage in animation even though it triggers the mines and if it stops over one. However, if the warp blast explosion triggers the mine, then the wraith takes damage, even if the wraith is outside the mines trigger/blast area.

As far as abduct goes, all the wraiths I played against missed the abducts when people were standing on mines oddly enough. I will try to test with a friend tomorrow when I get back on.

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Considering that mines are the ONLY weapon that that wraith can travel through with no dmg dealt to her. She warps, WB’s, decoy’s or abducts through a toxic grenade she still takes that dmg…yet not the mines…The hell is up with that?