Wraith vs Left 4 Dead Survivors SFM Render


I saw someone release the Wraith’s model for Source Filmmaker and I decided to make a random pic to kill time.

Bring your SFM screenshots here


I love it!


Oh my god. I love this.


You wouldn’t possibly know where to find the model? @LoneWolfHBS


Here: https://sfmlab.com/item/632/

WARNING: The site has some NSFW models.


Holy shit, Titanfall X EVOLVE here I come.

Where do I find the model?


Thanks! uhm… I can’t access the site though. :confused: I suppose it’s down?


Ok, can someone tell me what I’m doing wrong? The model is in sfm but It’s invisible for some reason, is there something I’m not doing right with the files?


@Azmi_Anuar might be able to help.


Thanks, I’ve spent DAYS trying to fix it, all I’ve done is make it into an error and now it’s invisible again XD


Aaaaand he never replied to me. Ah well, hopefully someone can help me.


He hasn’t been to the forum in the last 8 hours…people do have lives outside the forum :stuck_out_tongue:


Zoey would one shot wraith, no challenge.


Oh I know, I messaged him on steam since I met him there before learning about the forums.
Even while he was online(on steam) he never responded.
Ah well, I’m patient enough to wait I guess XD