Wraith vs laz

Hey all,
I really like wraith play and i’m doing well against almost all teams except when there is a laz, hank or sunny. If they also have torvald then i am usually SOL. I can’t seem to get laz down anymore. I’ve ranked up into silver and the people playing with him are great at dodging and kiting (sp?) the monster while i am left mostly hoping that whatever the hunter is kiting me on is working for me against the assault. any tips for getting a down on lazarus or camping a body without getting demolished would be great. thanks.

Use your mobility to fly around and start attackin others, whittling them down for a domino down.

Also, watch a body constatnly from a distance and once you even have an INKLING that he’s going for it, you start the combo. Air heavies, abduction, wb repeat.

Do you know how to utilize the stun on Wraith’s melees? You can literally stunlock a Hunter, they will not be able to escape, and kill them.

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As Wraith you can easily stunlock Lazarus, making him unable to escape, giving you a free kill.
If they got Hank/Sunny, stunlock them first. They can’t protect themselves and Lazarus can’t heal them like the rest of the medics, so they will die pretty fast and you can do directly for Lazarus.


how do you stunlock someone?

Air heavies for days. You use the traversal to warp slightly above the ground and use the air heavy-abduction-heavy-wb-heavy.

literally they cannot move.

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great i’ll give these a try. thanks. traversal–> melee–> abduction–> melee–> wb --> melee (continue to use melee as needed). sound about right?

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yup :smile:
usually that’ll take him down unless hank.

then you use it on hank to down him easily enough.

If he has Hank/Sunny, kill the Hank/Sunny, then when Laz comes in, stuuuuuuunloooooooock. Gg.

Aim the traversal above the hunters head, kind of like abduct.

Idk if its possible anymore but sometimes you can actually do the air heavy during the warp if you get the timing right.