Wraith vs. griffin


I noticed during my gameplay that Griffins harpoon does not get broken when I warp blast. I understand why the teleport gets held because griffin would be useless vs wraith otherwise, but shouldn’t the warp blast break the tether? I was playing a griffin last night and could not get away because he was a very good shot, but there is already a delay on warp blast so the damage should break his energy cable no?


Imo no, nothing should break cables except direct attacks, otherwise it’s a bit too easy to lose them. You’ve got no problems yet, tell me the story when you meet a good Griff + a good Val. That’s the moment when you might as well sit still and not prolong the inevitable :smiley:


Why should it not stop Warp Blast?
It already stop Charge and Leap smash.

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He is talking about the blast part not the movement.


When he was talking about “the teleport” I assumed he was talking about the travsersal since you are flying when you use Warp Blast and not teleporting/warping like you do with the traversal.

I don’t see why a small explosion would break a wire, tough, if that is what he is suggesting.


Leap Smash doesn’t break the poon cable so it makes sense that Warp Blast doesn’t either.


Well it should imo both attacks were just stopped by poon so they should break after dmg. A good griffin will be able to reload and poon again if he needs to. To miss with the ability because your movement was cancelled is punishment enough, but now you have to turn around and break the poon while being pummeled.


I just can’t wait for Kraken to be fixed. Grounding a Kraken with a Harpoon is something I miss dearly. I picked Griffin today, not realizing the Monster lived Kraken. Didn’t even touch my Harpoon the whole game, unless he was on the ground attacking the medic. Machine Gun for days, though I wished I had picked Abe.

The Harpoon is meant to force you to turn and break it, that’s why Maggie’s can be so annoying if you have 2 hit you from different sides. If you didn’t have to turn they would be pointless.


Yea fine you can have that when wraith no longer warps when harpooned


Wraith doesn’t warp when harpooned. If griffin has you just blink in place once poon is at max range. Besides I am not talking about the traversal movement. I think it is fair if a damaging ability breaks the tether after dmg is done. So the warp blast/ leap smash will still stop traveling but when the blast/ smash explodes the poon should let go. This does not nerf griffin because a pro griff will just drop poon reload and hit you again. But it will free up about 3 seconds for monster. Right now the sunny griff is nearly impossible to escape. Right against a good griffin leap smash and charge are useless and fire breath only works in the range where you are pooned because you can’t walk around.


That goes for every Monster so I don’t see why the issue is directed into a Wraith-specific problem.
That said, Warp Blast delivers an explosion and it’d make sense for that to break items as long as the tether still affects the distance covered by Warp Blast before the explosion.


I was playing wraith before I posted this so my observations where from wraith’s viewpoint, but it is an issue for every monster. Griff can walk while using poon, Val can tranq, and when reloading sunny can push griff forward again for another poon. Repeat the process until hunters win. The only way to escape are jukes, but depending on what map your playing that may not be possible.


except she does, far too often


You had 5 hours to read the sentence right after that one.

But you still failed


Wraith warps but it is cut in half.


Except i have no complaints about the traversal. You are getting off the subject. I think it is fair to have monsters abilities that are AoE break the harpoon tether. Obviously if I am caught in every dome dropped by griffin he is limiting my mobility and that is fine he hit me with a poon it is supposed to happen. I don’t like that I use warp blast after dome to get away and the harpoon doesn’t break. Now I have to turn around and melee the cable and by then griffin is already so close that you really can’t get away.


Yes and I’m saying that that is fine, let it cut the cable, but make sure she doesn’t warp traversal anymore when pooned. Otherwise, don’t


I think you giving wraith too much credit. Her traversal is just barely better than kraken a and it is already reduced when pooned. On top of that it recharges slower and her regular movement speed is slowest of all monsters and you want to nerf her more? It sounds like you’re just hating on wraith.


And you just want to buff her, blast is already ridiculous and you want to give it another way to fuck the hunters over…Lol.
It sounds like you’re just a wraith fanboy


I want the tether to be broken for any AoE attacks not just warp blast. Everything is fair my main is Goliath btw being a fanboy has nothing to do with checks and balances anyways. What have you added to the topic other than complaints with no solutions. I want evolve to be as balanced as possible and having your ability, no matter what monster you’re playing, being used up and then having to turn around and melee to break cable is just not balanced. Now you have to wait for your ability cooldown and the melee you did is more animation time wasted. You spend about 5 - 7 seconds just freeing yourself up which is plenty of time for the entire hunter team to catch up with you. This is fine but when it happens so reliably that you can’t eacape before trapper drops another dome is just ridiculous.

Try providing solutions instead of attacking someone who had legitimate feedback.