Wraith Vs Bucket


So far bucket is one of the best hunters vs a wraith. No matter how many darn sentries you destroy they’re always back up, I generally try to kill bucket. Anyone have any cool strats against bucket or even bucket laz combo. Any other strategies are welcome… I like to know new things…

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yolo the medic before bucket had time to setup x)


Just focus on bucket, make sure there are no sentry guns shooting at you and pretty much camp on his body to prevent anyone reviving him, and keep sending out decoys.

Wait, am I trying to help a Wraith player?


Exactly what @Advanced_Tec said :cry:


Did I hear body camping Torvald says “hello” :stuck_out_tongue:


Abduct + Heavy attack + Warp Blast + Abduct + Heavy Attack the hunter of your choise.
Wraith is pretty risky to play against if you don’y have a shield.


Decoy, abduct, heavy, warpblast, supernova and abduct. usually does in any hunter if there’s is no shield support involved. i would try and hit bucket so theres no sentries knocking about. then use abduct and warp blast to guard against res until Laz cloak runs out then beat Laz like he owes you money.


Meh, as much as I like him no one really uses Torvald… well to my knowledge anyways, besides a smart Decoy and confuse a Torvald player.