Wraith voodoo skin deleted


Ok. I know we all received the Wraith voodoo skin late. But all of us that played during the required time period eventually received it including myself. However, 15 minutes ago when I went to use Wraith, the voodoo skin was gone. I restarted the game then set up a custom solo to see if it would appear, but no luck. Did anybody else get the Wraith voodoo skin erased from their inventory?


probably another glitch upon the myriad of evolve glitches


Try unlinking and relinking your my2k account. That might work.


I’ve bought all the skins, and they’ve all been deleted from my account. Twice. I panicked, obviously, and uninstalled the game. After reinstalling I didn’t have them back. I had to uninstall AGAIN, reinstall, and THEN I had them back. I hope you figure it out, it is definitely annoying.


Don’t uninstall/reinstall the whole game, just unlink then relink your My2k account.


I have this problem my skins constantly disappear without reason. I contacted support but there don’t seem to be any permanent fix for this.