Wraith Viability


soo i started to play like a 2 weeks ago and i was just exited to play this game and play as a monster i save 10000 coins to get Wraith and now i cant win 1 game wraiths feels soo weak and i get bored of goliath and Mgoliath i was watching tounrmants and only see goliaths and a fews krakens

what is the point of have many monster if only 1 its ok?

there is any point where wraith will be meta or any other monster but goliath?


Puch Arse. :joy:


TRS is working on a lot of things right now

also remember it is a beta it’s not the finished game! everything could change from now


Wraith is still pub stomper you just gotta be good at playing her.
She is not definitely top monster ingame for beginners atm.

I reccomend goliath,mgoliath,gorgon,kraken,elder kraken


Wraith can’t do anything right now, even vs pubs…Only goliath, m. goliath and kelder viable monsters…
Gorgon and Wraith - trash tier.