Wraith variation ideas


The wraith is personally my favorite monster and I would love to be able to help make ideas for her variation so I will list them below. My friend and I both thought and came up with these ideas. we would like her to be named Mirage Wraith.
So to start off with, you would replace decoy with mirage and the wraith would send out multiple decoys of herself and they would attack and push the hunters away from the wraith. As you put more points towards mirage they get more aggressive and you start with releasing two decoys and when you upgrade it you gain another one. so in all you can have up to four.
Warp blast would just be an upgraded stronger faster version of warp blast and doesn’t take as long to explode. Warp blast. Also, you can use mirage during any of your abilities to stop but one mirage will keep going and finish the move for you. so if you pressed it during warp blast you would stop while the mirage keeps going and then explodes.
Possession would work just like abduction as where you aim where you want to go and then you lunge, but instead of just letting go of them you possess them with a mirage or yourself. If possessed by the wraith you can walk around but not shoot or attack while you separate the hunter or wildlife from everyone else and then when you leave their body you can pounce on them. It would last for at least ten seconds. If a mirage possessed it, they would follow you and then you can do the same thing and pounce on them.
Time Lapse or Wraith Trap. Time lapse would create an area smaller than supernova does and it would slow anything down that enters it. so when a hunter enters you can do damage, but if you send them out of the radius they return to normal speed. You don’t increase speed or deal extra damage. Wraith trap could be the same thing. A smaller radius, but instead of slowing down time you want to make sure that you have closed in on one hunter and it traps you and the hunter inside. No one can leave or enter… except for the wraith, so you could use it to get away from them. It would last at least ten seconds. Or you could just make the wraith go invisible and restore health not armor. Don’t forget that you can always sub out with a mirage/decoy. so then you would be able to stay out and attack while the mirage attacks whatever is inside the dome.
Similar to normal wraith’s traversal, but she would lunge up into the air automatically without aiming into the sky. She would disappear completely to the hunters by dissipating into particles or maybe she would just look like particles the entire time until she lands and the particles reform the Mirage Wraith.
Mirage Wraith would either have gold, red, dark purple, or dark blue particles and energy. She would look like a mixture of two concept arts that I found of her. I cannot not paste them into here so I would have to show you through email. Her scythes would not be as big. She would hit faster and have more armor and same health as normal wraith.

Please respond to me on what you think of my ideas TRS. I would feels so honored to make this happen. I’m sorry if I took any of your ideas ( like that would ever happen) Please respond to me at my email Blakester101601@gmail.com. Thanks.


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