Wraith v. Daisy Tips?


Can someone help me with trying to evade daisy when i am wraith? I always think im doing a good job by zigzagging and shifting between stealth and traversal, but in the end against pretty decent players they will catch me stage one and im playing ring around the rosey around the map because they always catch up, preventing me going stage 2. Honestly, i need some tips. p.s they didnt even have sunny or caira, so no means of buffing speed. They did have val and her dreadful tranq gun so that really toyed with me.


I would suggest abusing the fact that Wratih makes no noise while “walking”. You don’t even need to crouch to conceal your position so you are able to go full speed while say, dragging daisy around an obstacle while sneaking away on the other side. Not much you can do while you are 140+ meters away from daisy tho. When creating distance to evolve, move in the straightest path to your destination as possible. If you are currently cornered, attempt to drag their trapper to you before making a break to find a spot to evolve at.


@Maddcow once suggested on his training missions that if you cannot stealth, then go loud. You have good traversal with warp blast and 3x traversals… get as much distance to start as you can (If possible, over a rivers where they can’t find tracks) and eat your way to victory.

With Daisy, it becomes more of a race. Your feed speed vs. Daisy’s run/walk speed.

Now, you can also “Juke” Daisy, and Maddcow has a tutorial on that. You may want to look it up! But crossing tracks and going stealth can send Daisy in a loop that she has a hard time recovering from.

Once stage 2, and maybe even finding a damage bonus or something… you can then start to punish the hunters. Even Daisy. Wraith does best in Stage 2… where hunters are still trying to hunt you, and may make mistakes about where they choose to engage you… capitalize on these mistakes.

Whether you decide to go quietly to stage 2 or not, do not stay quiet in stage 2 if it can be helped… Because Stage 3 has some challenges vs. fully healed hunters. Although you are tenatively at your most powerful, wraith doesn’t have a good amount of armor to “stick it” for a fight. This is true even in Stage3. So place your wounds as good as you can, and set yourself up for victory in Stage 2 or 3.

Hit and run, stay mobile. use your traversal and warp blast to build the gap.


Thanks @Forestlight , ill be sure to check out those tutorials.


My advice would be to seperate daisy and burst her down they cant track you without her.


This. When I down Daisy in a fight, Hunters never put themselves at risk to get her up. See they tend to forget that she is their only method of finding me in the middle of battle. I like to do this Stage 2, first thing, and have 2 minutes of free farm. :stuck_out_tongue:


Kill Maggie, Daisy is too sad after her death to track. :cry:


Agreed. As wraith, I simply get distance at the start feed as much as possible, and wait for Daisy. Maggie and daisy are often out in the front and looking to catch you. They are extremely surprised when you warp blast Maggie in the face, abduct her body as it flys away from you, melee a couple times, and finish with a second warp blast.

The key is to pick on the poor trapper until they are dead. Strike the trapper, escape into the map. Turn around and get a second strike on trapper, then flee and continue replenishing armor.

Once Maggie has two strikes, you can kill her off whenever you like in two moves. Wraith play is ALL about getting strikes and fleeing. Pick off anyone who gets away from the group.

You can regain full armor from eating two animals so, grab a snack and turn back around to continue surprising the hunters who foolishly thought they were ever the ones doing the real hunting.


These are all great tips, now daisy feels less impossible to loss. Thank you all. :smile: