Wraith traversal bugged

the wraith’s traversal is still bugged on xbox one at least, where it will make you dash toward a hunter instead of the direction you are currently move, i thought that was supposed to be patched a while ago -_-

Nope they are working on this currently, will be released in the next title update with Gorgon!

@Sentry_Gun Answered!

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what is gorgon?

The Tier five monster is the Gorgon. It is “soon” to be released.

where does everyone keep finding this stuff out lol. i watch the streams and the players on the pro teams seem to know things too

@demonhunter1245 Can you show him the threads? My search option it’s not working( dumb internet) Thank you :smile:

Ok, closing thread since it was answered :smiley:

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Nvm, here it is! @GameFreak

5th Monster's Official Name: Gorgon (Confirmed)

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