Wraith Trap?


I recently managed to get a winning streak going as Goliath, and in a recent match got to stage 3 without any health loss. However, the hunters kept running in circles around the generator in Wraith Trap, and I was unable to harm any of them because Caira constant healed.

I’ll post a video soon, but how the hell am I supposed to kill them if they do it.


You just beat the shit out of the generator.



That was easy


They can see the generator and fire at you to stop that pretty easy on Wraith Trap, the generator is very exposed, it’s central to the platform in the middle.


what you should’ve just done was hold rock throw and wait till they came out on the other side and launch it at they asses, that what I did lol


Then you run them down. They do not outrun you. Even with caira buff + movement speed perk. They do not outrun you. Especially as goliath. Jump > charge > jump > leapslam > jump. You just went 200 meters.