Wraith Trap: some trees are still a problem



In an area of the map, near the relay, there is some houses beside a tiny lake. In this area, there is some wide and tall grey trees sitting on top of some platforms.

The game, when it went into a F2P, replaced some of the solid trees into breakable trees to prevent the hunters from running around it and block the monster’s attacks. Expect those trees, sadly.
It’s a big issue if the monster is a goliath or a Wraith because both of them are brawlers, and a tree like that can block a RT, any melee attacks/abilities and non-splash damage ranged abilities.

I, in a game as a Goliath, played against a team that exploited those trees. I ran after one of them around the trees but with less mobility than them because of the cliff, which was distracting me while the other hunters were shooting at me and while the running one was healed.

This is problematic because more and more people will do this I-am-in-circle-around-ya’ tactic, which is “toxic” in my opinion.


Are you talking about the huge tree next to the house?


I don’t like how any and ever hunter kiting tactic is “toxic.” The pillarhumping tactic is solid but it has its counters and some monsters are unaffected by it, and it’s definitely, definitely not “toxic.”


You could just not fight in that area. I’m not saying I disagree with you becuz I certainly don’t. But you decide where the dome is thrown so if it causing you trouble than don’t let it be a factor


Yes, for example.

I know, but the hunters were camping that area, so I couldn’t attack the relay and the timer was running.