Wraith Trap map un-winnable by Goliath in a certain circumstance


So I just had a match on the Wraith Trap map and I was Goliath. I managed to get all of the hunters down 1-2 times (except one) by Stage 3 and had full health and armor. There was no possible way they were going to win, so they devised a new strategy. Cabot, their support, sat on the outskirts of the generator, dust tagging me and scouting for me, so that I couldn’t sneak in on a particular side of the generator and just had to rush in where they would see me. I didn’t really care since I was going to destroy them anyways, but then realized their strategy after I got to the center next to the generator. Maggie continually put down traps so that I couldn’t run around the generator to get them, and val continually popped her head out just far enough to tranq me, then they just kept playing ring around the rosie, keeping themselves exactly on the other side of the generator. You couldn’t climb over the generator because there is a pole going up the middle of it, so it forces you to run around it and this particular one is very wide so it makes it easy to just watch goliath and keep going the other way. Even with fire breath and sprinting, you couldn’t get around the generator quick enough get to them before another trap hit you and slowed you. Leap smashes or jumps were ineffective since the generator is wide and they could easily just stay on the opposite side of it. Cabot would continue hitting me from the outside and whenever assault wasn’t dead he would try to damage me as much as possible, while the trapper and medic just continued playing ring around the rosie staying alive. This went on for nearly 10 minutes and I tried every possible technique or combination to get to these other 2, or to sneak up on them from the other side, etc. My conclusion is that if they have maggie and want to do this run around the generator technique on this map, that there is no possible way to win this map with goliath. After the match we discussed on MIC what could have been done differently and there was nothing. Please do something about this, since this is a bug on this map essentially, for this particular monster. A good solution for this map would be to not have a big pole going up the generator and at least allow Goliath to climb up on top of it, which would allow you to shut down that broken technique. This map is already unfair in general to the monster and after seeing this glitch, if I am ever put on this map again and I’m going to be the monster (since I usually play Goliath), I will just leave the game and it will ruin it for all of the other players, so please do something to fix this to make it more fair. A map should not be impossible for a particular monster to ever win at it if a certain technique is employed. All matches should be winnable by either side.


Kill the Cabot. Had a similar problem one with a Caira. Just go kill the damage dealer. I guarantee Cabot racked up the highest damage that game.


Thats just good strategizing on their part and using the terrain to their advantage. You got outplayed

Nothing wrong with the map and you could have just gone for the assault or support instead of wasting time chasing medic and trapper

If they had set themselves up on the 4 pillars surrounding the generator I might understand where your comign form since the only way to reach them at that point is with rock throw and thats super easy to dodge


If they ring around the rosie you, you gotta atishoo atishoo until they all fall down.


I know for a fact Cabot did the most damage. I killed the Assault several times, so as far as going for Assault and Support, I did. I went for Cabot 1/2 dozen times or more, and was never able to get him. He kept using dust tagging to keep tabs on me so I could never sneak up close enough to him. I even sneaked around the map a couple times trying to surprise him from another direction. Trying to get close enough to pin him down, but as soon as I was spotted from a distance, he’d cloak up and run away before I could even track his footsteps with sniffing. I’d jump towards him trying to find him with fire and sniffing but he always managed to get away. He was a level 38 and in a party with everyone else on the team, so they knew what they were doing. Since I could never isolate him, I went for the assault, daisy, and the other 2. I kept killing assault and daisy so they were out most of the end of the game. Even if I did end up killing Cabot though, it wouldn’t have mattered, because the fact is between the harpoon traps and tranq slows, I never could have gotten around the generator to grab the other 2. So eventually the drop ship just kept coming in and dropping the dead people off, and time was running out. I failed to kill Cabot, but the matches are timed, so even if I did kill him, it wouldn’t have mattered since the real problem was the fact that if they dance around the wide generator, you cant get them. So even if everyone was dead but those 2, I still could not have finished them unless one made a mistake, which never happened since they were all level 37-40. So far none of these solutions that were suggested would have helped with a victory for Goliath.