Wraith Trap - Getting inside of unreachable places as hunter


EDIT: I moved this to bugs to get some help.

@mrstrategio I have gotten pushed inside all three of the building thing, also the ramps going down the relays could use a wall fix. It seems that getting stuck in there makes me immune to damage.


Why he refused to eat you surprises me…


Hank was stuck inside the wall


Ah that makes sense.


@MrStrategio egio plz look this thread up.


Ive also as hyde, been pushed inside the terrain of the landing pad of distillery by goliath and the bunkers of Aviary by a blitzleopard

It doesnt make you invindible, just hard to kill


Thanks for reporting the issue. I’ve got it logged with your video, which will be helpful.


I was once trapped inside generator in defend mode in similar manner. King’s Port if I recall correctly.


I’ll try tosee if some of the other maps have results that can be recreated and record them, Ill try to PM them to you when I can.
Jesus spots and all.


that’s pretty wicked, I’d imagine the minions mightve killed you.