Wraith Trap: Deepest Dark?




What do you think?

Purple Gorgon Hype
Purple Gorgon Hype

99% sure Bob adaptation is coming out before Wraith.


Why? We already have teasers about a black-skinned wraith. The Phantom


The background for that link is Gorgon though?



The page shows the Gorgon (With Scarlet skin I think).

I guess it’s referring to the gorgon eggs that are supposed to be on the wraith trap variant map.


On mobile it’s completely blank…


It’s hard to see but I guess they made it like that

Edit: It’s also got the red skin (forgot the name) that was on legacy Evolve


Ohhh Yeahh i see it now. :smile:

Scarlet Gorgon i think


I’m glad it’s not just me then.


Placeholder image



8-bit map variation confirmed? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


i thought there was something wrong with my phone that it wasn’t loading. lol


Don’t judge me, I was in a hurry.



Just checked the website again and the background picture of Gorgon now has a pink skin rather than the Scarlet one.

Possibly a man-eater skin?


That might be the Albino Gorgon skin (elite skin, level 35) under strange lighting. Looks like it.


No I unlocked that yesterday and it’s white with light pink skin.


I know how it looks, I was just wondering if the above image might be that skin under some really gloomy reddish lighting. Probably not, though.