Wraith Trap covered in Spiderwebs



So this could perhaps be the variation of the Wraith Trap we may see in the future.

I was disconnected prior to the match due to bugs that have been happening for a long time with my Evolve. Today after joining back I had noticed that Wraith Trap had been covered in spider traps as though Gorgon had come and made the entire map her den.

Unfortunately however; similar to my cupcake incident my Shadowplay pooped itself and I could only get a very small amount of footage of the map. However thanks to the lovely bastards @IanBreaker, @GoGoGoliath and @Atrinoch I hadn’t relied solely on that, so here are some of the screenshots I took.

###Here is the very short 42 second footage of the map. You can see the webs on the walls of the map.

###And here are the three screenshots!

Possible Teaser?
This is so spookey

You holy shit you werent kidding. Well should we start calling you “spider” instead of “cupcake”?


Of course Shredder gets the cool bugs.

Say, how did the Wraith cage look like? Anything noticeably different?


Remember when your in trouble use K.I.W.F. Kill, It, With, Fire


I didn’t get the chance to check. Of course I didn’t…

I can try to replicate it though.




Please do, you know where to send it. :stuck_out_tongue:


I’ve figured out how to do it. I couldn’t see it although @IanBreaker could and according to him the Wraith was jet-black.

Can’t confirm as of yet however.


Kinda interesting how these maps bug out with their variant’s effects, like Orbital Drill did pre-Cataclysm. My friend had this occur earlier, too, under the same circumstances (disconnected and rejoined). It looks sooo creepy.

The teaser on Q-Caira’s page did say Wraith Trap was getting covered in Gorgon’s eggs… That combined with the fact it’s gonna be a foggy/smokey night time map is going to make for a pretty sick setting. :smile:


0/10 -IGN Not enough eggs.



we didnt end up finding any eggs, but we got a look at the wraith. @IanBreaker said it looked like it was an Alpha Elite skin. So maybe its not the Phantom Wraith we thought it was.



Awww nobody used any of the pictures I took :frowning:


post them in here yourself fam


##@GoGoGoliath’s Screenshots


For all wondering who “Alien” is in the videos that is me :sweat_smile:


post the group picture too. Shredder takes all credit for this find, but we’d all like to be mentioned as helpers :grin:


Don’t forget that moment when Wraith and Hunters teamed up against spiders. Because fuck spiders.


Depends after that move you all pulled at the end.