Wraith Trailer


Wraith Trailer.
Also, I guessed the decoy ability if the bit at 1:01 is correct :smiley:



Had my alarm set for 8am (time I had to wake up anyways) and saw nothing new, laid down for a couple more minutes, checked again, and it felt like Christmas morning. So much HYPE!!!


Awesome first match.


Damn !.. I’m SO attempted to watch the interactive trailer, again and again and again…

But I… I must not… in order to keep… keep some surprises in less than two months… ARGHH

…Maybe I could just watch the teaser trailer…?


Beta and Wraith in one day, it’s brilliant!! Can’t wait to see the tutorial which explains all of the abilities clearly


Teaser trailer doesn’t give too much away. Shows off a couple of abilities, but mainly how awesome it looks, and what sort of monster it is.


Can you answer me please, is it a cinematic trailer (like for some parts of evacuation and the very first trailer of Evolve) or is it footage gameplay (like the savage skin teaser ?)


The first is a cinematic trailer, the second one is an Interactive trailer like the ones they had for Goliath back at Evolve’s announcement and the Kraken at its date.


Wow… amazing I cant stop watching I love the wraith, he’s by far the most unique monster yet!!!




Please tell me we are getting Wraith on the livestream this week. Wraith may be my new favorite monster. Such grace, such death.


Thanks ! Well… I’m gonna stick on the teaser so… And wisely wait, unaware of its abilities and stuff…




The trailer is fantastic, so is the gameplay. Wraith might become my favourite monster!


For sure! The wraith in a super nova did a ton of damage in the interactive trailer. On the other hand, the wraith doesn’t have much armor, and if the monster doesn’t keep an eye on her armor levels, we can expect “Big time damage” on perma health.


Wow! I think I’m in love or something. That monster plays EXACTLY how I wished it would. Flanking around the edges of a fight, sending in decoys to soak up damage and soften targets, pick out vulnerable team members, and going to town with a high speed supernova smack down. The armor, health, and stamina seem dangerously low, which will definitely make this a high skill monster to play. This is definitely a worthy third monster for Evolve. TRS, you nailed it again!


Miss Wraith looks amazingly similar to Nashandra O:



And also a scary thing, if you think about it!


Damn, I’m at work for 1 more hour at least…CAN’T WAIT to watch this! :smiley:


@MacMan Just as a heads up, the annotations on the interactive Wraith trailer don’t seem to be working for me. Not sure if its Youtube being its normal slow self or not, but wanted to let you guys know.