Wraith tracks question


As a wraith, If I dash forward from a high ground and ‘glide’ myself further forward with the remaining two dashes, Will I leave tracks?



cries at the loss of skywraith stealth


Damn, so you used to be able to?

So, Is there any trick to not leave any prints besides sneak walking and water? Because for gorgon, If I sneak traverse to stick to a wall, I wouldn’t leave prints.


Nah, there’s not a trick.

Key word: Used to lol


But Goliath’s jump will not leave prints when he jumps(sneak mode) and the route his jump travels, other than the landing point ,correct?


Nah,t hey won’t leave tracks.


Yes it will. :wink:


O nuts it does? O.O

Uh oops

To be fair I don’t play him…


Thanks for the help guys! :slight_smile:


Question has been answered. If you have any more questions about this then feel free to message myself or another leader or mod and we can open this back up for you. :slight_smile: