Wraith too weak


hi open this topic because I noticed that after the patch with the wraith and become almost impossible to win for the simple fact or receives too much damage or does not make him a sufficiency, have decreased since the time of the super nova and extended the cooldown of decoy , is not sufficient to put the increase in damages after the nerf, is a day that I can play in a lot of games to get to the third stage but just engagement can not do sufficient damage between shields and cure much more strong, I mean slim val and, in most thanks goes to sunny now in vogue strategy fly high to get out of reach. I think after the latest changes should bring the wraith to as when he left the game.



You were saying?


you have linked this video but: 1 and inherent in before or after the patch, 2 not only shows two kill and not the context of the whole game; judging by the speed of the wraith and before the patch because they have lowered it to him and with the sklill movement does not reach that speed now.


I got fanmail yesterday these were his words ‘Wraith is for people who can’t play Evolve. Idiot.’ Their premade ragedquit so hard I couldn’t kill the last hunter standing lmao.


Posted 4 days ago…and those 2 kills are all you needed to see. :laughing:


@skrewyluie can probably help. He’s the best wraith I’ve seen


Wraith is so easy to counter its not even funny. Stand in square around it and make it be able to only attack a single hunter at a time. Because the armor is so low everytime the Wraith want to fight she has to overcommit. I play Wraith and while I can pubstomp all day with her I have yet to win against a premade team (including my own).


I beat a premade team of all elites last night (lvl 40) twice in a row.

Ciara, Hank, Maggie/Griffin, Hyde

It was a tough fight, but I pulled it off at stage 2.

Currently sitting at the 65th spot on Xbox Live US


as they said, and too easy to counter if you activate the super nova and fly them resume abduction ends with the effect of the timing skills are not well synchronized, hunters can stay in flight four seconds if no more and you can not win are warp blast.


If you see that your Super Nova skills aren’t up to par, try distributing the points in other skills. I usually run 3 points in Warp Blast, 3 in Abduction and the remaining 3 points I distribute based upon my health percentage when I finally reach stage 3. Less than 75% health and I put 3 points in Decoy =)

This rarely fails me as it’s a build that is flexible, powerful and quite capable of killing a player within seconds.



wraith is rly strong and warp blast needs a radius nerf

and supernova a buff as a trade

and and dont go stage 3 if u dont rly need the health

stage 3 makes it way more difficult


No Wraith is actually fine, he is in a really good spot. you can even get strikes if you time your Warpblast right.

For example if a hunter gets on a cliff, you can punish. then disengage and wait for an opportunity to strike him.


Hyde v Wraith challenge disagrees.


I think Wraith’s fine as she is, definitely not weak.

I played about 15 games with her today, won all on stage 1, and I only lost some significant health(1-2 bars) in 2 or 3 of those games.

Funny thing about Wraith, staging up seems to make her weaker, as stage one she’s almost impossible to deal damage to if you use hit and run tactics. The only real counters are Caira/Hank combo and Hyde.



I have to record something tonight. After that you better be ready to play evolve or else


I might be too busy playing evolve to play evolve with you.


Wraith isn’t weak, she’s just misunderstood… Her playstyle just doesn’t match the majority of players currently, because they’re walled into 1 ability.


When wraith loses it loses hard, especially at stage 1. This makes it feel weak. I find that if you don’t catch it early though, then it will just whittle down the hunters with constant hit and running and inevitably win. Haven’t had the opportunity to play it against a good premade though.


A few days ago I saw a post that stated wraith was too strong… Hmmmmmm… I’m going to go with, wraith is balanced.