Wraith to Freaking Fast or is that just me?


I’ve been playing Evolve for quite a while now and Goliath and Kraken are both very hard to beat if they are being controlled by a very good player but Wraith is just so fast. We’re all happy that they nerfed how much damage she did but she’s just to fast to keep with up in or out of the dome. I understand that she’s suppose to be a quick sneaky assassin monster but she’s just a little to fast to me.


If she were slowed down at all, she’d be UP. Badly UP. Look at her health bar. Give her full health, armor, and a damage resist perk, but she’ll still be wasted by one good barrage, a few seconds in turrets or Damage amp and Assault.


She’s also supposed to be sneaky, not Sonic. Then again, somehow Goliath does her job of being sneaky much better from my experience(especially playing as one). Goliath’s tend to be very tricky and juke left and right. With Wraith, it feels like she has too many options for escape almost.

She can dash away, or she can just clone and walk away. I don’t find Wraith players trying to be subtle much, despite her design being aimed at being an assassin. It’s not like people who play her ‘properly’ benefit from it much either, they do about the same.

Slowing her down wouldn’t make her UP, it’d make her have to think.


Wraith isn’t about Stealth- that would be a very boring game for one or both parties- but about subterfuge. Big difference. I think Wraith does a good job of it, but Decoy spam and SN ruin it.


sometimes when i’m playing as wraith i just follow the hunters as they look for me from behind like predator


Yeah, that’s a lot of fun too. Then when the see you and try to dome or attack, just lolnope it out of there. It’s good fun, but tends to make you lose matches. :confused:


naah. just wait for one of them to waste fuel and fall behind and you get an incap bonus or death


Seeing as how wraiths traversal is basically instantaneous in that it can be used back to back while kraken has go skyward first and Goliath has to jump it is faster. Don’t think giving a cool down equivalent to the landing time of Goliath is going to kill it.


But I don’t like actually fighting them, I just want to mess with their heads.

I think Wraith is making me a very strange person.


Explain to me the difference between subterfuge and stealth? They’re kind of the same thing. You could argue one is smoke and mirrors and the other just being sneaky, but being sneaky might as well be the same thing as smoke and mirrors.

TRS always described Wraith as a sneaky assassin, and while I don’t think that’s exactly what it would be, just due to the nature of people playing it, it feels more like just a cheap magic trick right now. You know it’s a trick, but you have to fall for it, because there’s no other choice. You can try to shoot where the real one is, but that’s not going to always be accurate, god willing it follows a straight path and doesn’t use the common sense to step to the side.


You can look up the definitions and compare them, but there is a huge difference.


Subterfuge implies sabotage, sure, but I’ve yet to play against a subtle Wraith or a sneaky one. It’s just not the best playstyle for it right now, because you can just go easier routes and see bigger dividends paid for less work.


We never meet subtle Wraiths because of Decoy and Supernova. Seriously, Wraith with just the other two is so fulfilling for everybody.


it’s so funny just burst damage abduct, warp blast and pounce

guaranteed down

best with elite animal pounce perk

its funny abducting wildlife too, you just sort of pick them up and spit them out


I’ve tried playing fun Wraith’s with my friends, in five man groups where we’re all together. It’s still not fun for the hunters, no matter what weird or fun strategy you try to employ. It’s just not interactive, as much as it feels like you are interacting with them, it feels to them like you’re just collecting down penalties.


The main thing I enjoy from wraith is abduction because I love grabbing a hunter and dropping them right on a plant or tyrant.
I can’t wait to try behemoth since he has a similar skill.


This. It’s ridiculously funny when they get dropped into a plant fresh off the Abduction, then you can body block and their team can’t shoot them out.