Wraith the perfect fix


Currently I don’t think any of the wraiths abitiltys need changing, however due to the insane dps it’s incredable abitiltys that make it a super giant ninja I believe that both its health pool and armour need reducing.

Currently it’s health pool is 2 bars less then the Goliath and 1 bar less then the kraken. With its armour being 5 while the kraken and Goliath are 8 and 10.

The problem is its dps, low silhouette coupled with its current hp/armour and its ability to ninja around the area leave the hunters are a unique disadvantage at all stages.

It’s a simple fix reduce its hp and armour at all stages by one bar should balance things out a bit better.

I believe that all tiers of both monster are hunters are balanced in some way so that there is no all round best option the wraith is by a long mile the most deadliest monster current on shear.

The training videos suggest that this monster is a kind of glass cannon the reality at the moment is its much more like a light armoured tiger tank!

Simple fix really reducing its hp/armour by one won’t effect its dps or any of it’s amazing ability but will focus wraith players to be much more tactical and invoke more of a tactical approach then the current wreaking ball approach.

Thanks for your time reading this :slight_smile:


Just had a extremely interesting match against the wraith,

Full comms and epic execution of tactics we took down a wraith in a titanic fight.

But even with 4 seasoned players and one of the best tactical displays on our behalf as the hunters. The guan ho wraith still managed to take two of us down before finally accepting death.

The wraith made no attempt to lose us, or keep away. Right from the start we on him with an arena trap in the first minute. Blitzkrieg seems like the perfect way to deal with the wraith but even with us harshing him/her for 80% or the 11 minute game we never even came close to our regular 2-3 minute against agaisnt simlier skilled players as the other two monster.

We actual played the the same player before this match where he came at us the same way spamming abilitys and making no attempt to dodge our pursuits, game ended in 1:54. As Goliath

Totally stick by my original post and have the same respect from my hunting company.

Other suggestion was made about leaving the monster hp the same at 4/6/8 for each stage but decreasing armour by 2 at all stages making the monster use a more hit and run tactic.

but the lowering of both hp/armour slashed by 1 is a welcomed and respected change by both hunters and my two companions who play the wraith.


I think her health pool and armor are fine.

I believe Supernova should have a decreased area of effect.

Abduction should turn you invisible while your aiming, and turn the hunter on a positive abduction invisible to the other hunters (not the monster though).

Decoy should do less damage, but last much longer, with an increased cool down, so it isn’t so spam-able. Make it an actual decoy, causing confusion with the hunters giving 2 targets to attack. This change would also need to remove the flash associated with attacking the decoy, so that it appeared as real as possible.


Yeah those changes would be a great way of aiding the advantage that the wraith currently holds but I also belive that the wraith has been designed in a way that it’s suppose to be a powerful attacker and would worry that those changes would decrease its effectiveness at killing hunters quickly that would greatly change the monster from its intended glass Cannon role.

Maybe turtle rock testing both ideas would give a better insight into this but I personally would still like to see the raw power the wraith current has untouched as it makes important for its uniqueness compared to the the kraken and the Goliath.


Not damage, i just think it should be a little more single target. Quite a few times i’ve wiped out an entire group, or other hunters without even knowing it because they were a bit to close. (which obviously is dumb to be with the wraith in the first place)

If people are whining its a bit too powerful, in lieu of a straight out dmg nerf, i’m suggesting something middle ground.