Wraith the fastest monster? HAHAHA


I always thought that it was funny when people said wraith was the fastest monster. Even before she was nerfed she wasn’t the fastest monster. She was easily the most bursty monster. However her speed is nothing compared to goliath the race car.He leaps so far and when alternating between leap smash and charge you will leave a fire trail in your wake. Literally

This is up for debate. :grinning:


Yeah…Not anymore. She’s now slower than Goliath, but still faster than the other two.


Do you think she was faster than him before the nerf?


Wraith is slow in my opinion. Once her traversals are gone, she’s easy to hit.


I agree. :expressionless:


Yes. Before the nerf her Warps were actually good traversals and not sort of…eh.


wraith speed


Goliath will always be best monster, people just dont realize it yet ^.^


…God dammit, Albino. ;W;


Why did you change your picture


Cuz I wanted to be more fab ^.-


Why its wraith speed


But you were already fab


:blush: oh stop it you :slight_smile:


You were senpai fab


Wtf that picture made me lol. :joy:


monster fist bump

…someone needs to make a picture of that.


its About wraith speed


I’ll see what I can slap together ^.^
What monsters tho…


Goliath has to be in there obviously…

Kraken or Behemoth probably. I’d say Kraken though since he’s part of the first 3 monsters :stuck_out_tongue: