Wraith the assassin or wily gladiator?


I thought about this in a different thread and thought it would be best to discuss this, now I don’t wanna talk about her balance or if she’s OP but rather should she have a move like supernova at all? I mean it really feels like a gladiator/warrior type move and not at all like something an assassin should have to me, why not a back stab or poison move just as simple ideas?


idk she needs a main damage dealer, supernova fits her and her them well, also It doesn’t feel broken or op now so I like it


I don’t mind the Wraith having a high damage skill, but Supernova doesn’t feel like it fits the Assassin archetype, more like the berserker/Warrior type of how it works. It gives her increased attack speed, attack power, with a wide attack arc and all you do is spam left click and looks like she’s throwing a spaz attack.

There doesn’t seem to be much of a skill cap involved in using it.


More of the Rogue archetype than assassin. Rogue’s haven’t been unknown to suddenly start cutting up at great speed. Personally, I think that being able to slice targets into ribbons from nowhere is pretty fitting. I also really like it and would rather not have it removed.

It’s probably easier to balance than a backstab too. A high damage move that gives DPS without locking targets down and putting Wraith in the open is probably more reasonable than a move that does strong damage with some setup when that setup can be done with abduction or stealth and followed up with other burst skills.

Just try not to think of the monsters as a perfect fit for archetypes, they still need that superpower flair. Besides, I don’t think I’ve seen a warrior breath fire before.


yeah i guess but It’s probably hard to make a main damage dealer move for an asassin especially with wraiths void/light theme, and supernova looks good.


I very much agree with this but I call her an assassin because that’s what turtle rock call her and how she was advertised, I know I’m being nit picky but it just bugs me and I feel it at least merits discussion


Sorry we’re not discussing balance or win/lose just if a certain ability fits her archetype, but for the record I do like the ability I just think its not an assassin type ability


Fair enough. I’m used to assassins being fast with the blade and love Incredible speed in games so I’m very happy with it. Wouldn’t be upset if the swing arc was reduced though, I like precision with speed and making the swings more calculated and less berserker may give it a better feel for people.


oh my bad, in that case I think Supernova fits her. Shes going into a mode that allows her to attack faster, which would be assasin like I would think. The arch swing is kinda needed for game purposes though.


So much this.

At least Goliath and Kraken have a little more “skill” wrapped up in their high damage abilities. And all of their abilities fit them.

Thematically, supernova doesn’t fit Wraith at all. Mechanically, it’s a boring skill that can only be countered by “gtfo”. And I mean boring to play with as well, I don’t feel rewarded for using Wraith’s harder skills, I feel rewarded for spamming left-click after pushing Supernova. Goliath now, I feel rewarded for landing a perfect Rock Throw or as Kraken with an aftershock that hits every hunter. Those can be difficult against good hunters.

Supernova, well, you can just warp next to them, use it and begin to kick their ass until they get out of the rather large AoE cloud.

By all means, Wraith should have a high damage skill. But it should be more assassin like. I would love to see more “positional” skills on Wraith, I think someone mentioned a backstab. If implemented well, it could be cool and make hunters want to constantly look over their shoulder for the sneaky strike.

Not the spastic beserker rage.




Oh god, the flower stirs again.

You could have found a less obvious example. Besides, that character’s hardly forced into any one role alone :slight_smile: even if one particular Dragonborn is trained in plate armour and heavy weapons while having the flame breath shout equipped, it still ain’t a warrior and would be the exception to the rule.


I was also thinking every dragon knight ever but I decided to bite my tongue at first :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Would have been a better example! Still not a warrior. If we’re not calling assassins rogues then we’re not calling dragon knights warriors :slight_smile:

Nice avatar by the way. Welcome to the dark side.


Is she really all that powerful in evo stages 1 and 2? I ask because I play very stealthily and rarely even encounter other hunters until level 3. In stage 3 I’d expect her to shred the hunters to bits.


Yes. Quake in terror. Don’t worry, the noobs have quenched my bloodlust.

For now.


Should’ve known I couldn’t start a wraith thread without some kind of balance talk coming in and out :confused:


The topic’s about Supernova fitting Wraith thematically but I’ll give you the answer from my perspective. She’s always capable of high DPS but early on she’s so squishy with so little at her disposal. Non rank 3 supernovas are easy to move out of, she probably never wants to just have a 3 point nova/warp blast at stage 1 else she’d be way too squishy. She probably won’t have abduct stage 1 meaning weaker sticking power. She’s given the power of elusiveness because she could drop like a fly if caught out.


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Pretty much a column of roses.


Yep, I saw that once. Just after release when I was travelling with nothing to do. Just a cascade of roses.

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