Wraith Taunting the hunters


So i got bored and for my next match i thought i’d play with the hunters.
These are level 32+ hunters, yet they had no clue.

Do you think this is why alot of them lose? because in this video you can clearly see me playing here, yet they are are struggling, i even went to a place where it was open lol.


That’s sad and they should feel bad.


Yeah, very shocked at it tbh. It makes me wonder if alot of other people approch wraith like this.


Thats one of the worst teams of hunters I’ve ever seen. Nobody should approach Wraith like that. Did they think they were fighting a Goliath or something?


They were bad and had bad team comp for wraith.


It was prolly 4 randoms thrown in together. Thats the major problem with the wraith in my eyes. It takes a really coordinated team to take down sometimes. If the wraith players knows to play


Play enough Evacuation and even you can become a high level :smiley:
Doesn’t mean they’re any good. Whatsoever. You could’ve Evolved right in front of them and they wouldn’t have won :confused:


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