Wraith Supernova Decoy?


I was just in a game, where i fought a wraith. He used supernova, then decoy. and Volia! the decoy had supernova and spamable melee. i do not what level the decoy was, but it hurt like hell. is this inteded? if so seems a little broken and wierd mechanic.

Disclaimer, not saying wraith is OP.


Yes, it’s intended. The decoy uses the supernova and will drop you in no time if you don’t dodge.


always worked that way.

but if a wraith is using supernova and decoy… he died right?


oh yeah. we won easy. :stuck_out_tongue:


That used to be what every wraith did before it got nerfed. Run around avoiding domes till stage3, then nova+decoy for the win.


I still think it shouldn’t work that way.


You should’ve witnessed this combo pre-nerf, it was devastating. It could get through assault’s personal shield and still incapacitate him.


Of course it should. It’s decoy. It’s supposed to act like you. And super nova buffs all of your abilities inside it


Meh. Maybe, as the did nerf super nova.


I think decoy should get all the visual cues, but none of the actual benefits. Its a decoy, not a hyper wraith that can’t be killed.

That said, in its current form its rather lackluster and saves you from the 3 point warpblast of latency punishment.


Ya it’s intended I use it too sometimes to take the pressure off me, the downside is you stay visible if your in the nova


I think since the wraith’s decoy is able to hit you it’ should have a health bar so you at least have a chance not to be punished so hard


Or you could dodge. Decoy is easy as hell to dance around. Wraith’s only good skills are WB and Abduct now, taking SN or Decoy is just a liability.


Yes it is intended, but very unreliable. It used to be really deadly but the duration nerf of supernova along with the decoy poor ai performance make them a combo the can easily be avoided by dance around cover and staying mostly on high ground. It can’t focus anyone when you do this.

The decoy is notorious for getting stuck while trying to climb.


Then why is there a discussion about the supernova, decoy combo being too brutal, if it’s so easy to get away from?


Because if you don’t get away from it, it is absolutely brutal, dealing almost 3x more damage than the normal wraith.


Excuse me… Do you mean that a warpblast in a SN increases its damages ?

Are you sure ?


I’m pretty sure that super nova makes your abilities stronger.

Can anyone else confirm or deny this?


Supernova only improves your damage output. And supposedly provides a “dome” for the wraith as well, that hunters can’t get out of.


What ?? I don’t think so…