Wraith Suggestions: Improve her mobility and her wildlife clear outside the dome

Wraith is now more viable I have to agree but she still has her downsides. If you play as Wraith and you compare her to the other monsters you will find the she feels too slow. She has little to offer in terms of her mobility outside the dome as well as wildlife clear.

  1. Warpblast reduces cd per kill: Warpblast will now get reduced cooldown if it kills an enemy. This will make it a better farming tool, give Wraith a boost in terms of mobility and it cannot be used as a traversal spam. This is not refresh CD, instead it’s CD will be similar to that of when she is inside the dome.

  2. Phantom reduced duration on kill: Instead of having it completely disappear on kill just have it’s duration lessened by half. This allows it to deal with wildlife clusters while not being a press one ability get infinite food.

  3. Momentum: If no hunter is in range of isolation Wraith gains bonus movement speed. The bonus is forfeited if she uses a traversal or attacks… Or just give her better movement speed…


ikr, I don’t understand why that is.

It’s terribly at stage 3. like if she was harpooned the whole time.

Wraith is supposed to be a Hit and Run style character…they just forgot the run part.


I agree that wraith needs a boost for her speed. Atm, i play with 2 speed perks and last one 21% traversal, and she is more or less ok when leaving the dome. Without spending all 3 perks on mobility, she is very slow indeed.
This becomes quite obvious when playing against AI, that doesn’t have movement perks. Basically i can run after the wraith the whole time, once she leaves the dome. Just run+jet dodge closer, and she cant get us off her back. If she takes a hit from stasis/tranq, then she will crawl from 1 dome all the way into second dome without any feeding in between.

+1 for giving her more distance per traversal and/or a speed buff.

One thing I would like is a change to phantom. I want it so when I am sneaking and I pop phantom it will wait in that spot to ambush a hunter. It technically does that now but what I want is an adjustment to that behavior.
When the Wraith is outside of combat+sneaking I want the phantom to have no duration. I want it to sit there in wait like a spider trap unless it is triggered or I use phantom again. This bonus will not apply during combat for balance issues.
Second when my phantom is sneaking I want it not to attack the closest hunter but to pounce them. Force the hunters to stay together or go in pairs during the hunt or else they have to go back and rescue that hunter that went alone.
With these 2 changes I feel it would help Wraith’s play style slightly since it feels like TRS is making Wraith to punish hunters who are “isolated” (shitty pun intended) :stuck_out_tongue:
Now that we have isolation I kind of want a speed boost to abduction. Like the farther it travels the faster it goes to try to make long range abductions more likely to connect. Maybe the Devs did not make any changes to abduction so they could see how isolation works first. If isolation turns out to be viable then maybe they will think about doing something to abduction. I thought about an idea like when using abduction, instead of the Wraith flying forward have like a phantom do it for you. A ranged attack that could destroy deployables but then I thought “I can picture someone sending the phantom abduction and the real Wraith lies in wait for a pounce or does a warp blast as the hunter is being pulled back and there is no way to dodge it”


While we’re on the subject of changes, I would love the idea of Phantom cloaking when it’s in “ambush” mode. Would make it more of a trap/ambush tool, and wouldn’t be toxic because you couldn’t abuse it.

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sorry i write this on impulse… but i had a briliant idea…

meaby lets make a multilpyier to all perks wraith takes (i know its risky but bare with me)…


she would still suck as a basic monster, but would benefit more from perks and therefore would be more customizable…

and just not to make it over the top … it might be just so she has some kind of stacks that fuel that mechanic… (i came up with new way to use “isolation” stacks)

Lets give wraith 120-150m range of isolation around her and multiply X 1,05 (105% … number is not yet proven to be balanced as u can guess)) for every isolation stack she broke in last 7-15 seconds … (multiplicativly… so she would benefit more from leting them build up and useing em in one moment…)…

Not sure tho if that stack idea is good part… but i stand for perk multiplication
for example
Haste gives you 12% move speed… lets say wraith would get 33% higher values… that way she would benefit from it as from 16% … (not too massive, but has potential to bring her up a nothch)

or… with isolation instead… lets say you hitted a guy with 5 stacks on kim… you get
12% x (1.05^5 - 1) = 27.62815625… %
… lets round it up to 28% …

This is less, but if you would menage to get those stacks … you would have a short window of oportunity to use full potential… for example lets asume u menaged (hipotetically) to hit all 20 stacks at once… that would increase for few seconds youre perk values for 108% …

lets say you have 7 seconds of that buff …

that would mean you have 7 seconds to burst someone down, because its an oportunity that wil not ocur again in dome… or propably in youre gaming career, because defusing all 20stacks at once is highly unlikely…

though that would actually encourage players to sneak and gather those stacks making wraith true assasin type of monster

While we’re on the subject of changes, I would love the idea of Phantom
cloaking when it’s in “ambush” mode. Would make it more of a trap/ambush
tool, and wouldn’t be toxic because you couldn’t abuse it.

Yeah … i guess Phantom is so fragile it wouldnt make a change in wins, but would be fun to have that adrenaline rush of “O SHIT ITS IN MY FACE” when walking on it as hunter…