Wraith sucks!


The flesh right off her prey… :smile:

Probably the coolest monster to date by far! I just got done watching all the video I could find, and I must say I am thoroughly impressed… I have a couple questions though

  1. Can wraith dash into the air? I noticed that she can go to the sides, can she dash backwards?
  2. Does attacking break the cloak? I noticed no visual distortions when I saw game play from the hunter perspective…
  3. What exactly does the supernova ability do? Is it simply increased attack speed? Is damage increased at all? Can it affect pounce attacks in any way?
  4. Does the Decoy leave tracks?

I cant wait until release when I can abduct and disintegrate the hunters one by one… here is my top build idea so far…

At the start, take the damage output perk. Start with three points in Supernova, and then when you evolve get three points in abduct. I would think it would be entirely possible to steal a hunter and destroy them, before the other hunters could intervene…

Also one thought about the Decoy ability… I noticed in most of the footage, the monster simply presses the ability as she flees, but what results is the decoy wasting two dashes, one right when it spawns, and then another going back toward the hunters. When you spam the decoy, please face the hunters :stuck_out_tongue:

What are your ideas and reactions concerning Wraith?

Also, I have two little things that bug me a little bit about wraiths abilities. Abduction does no damage, and there is a lag time for the hunter to start moving again, before you get to. For the hunter can take a couple steps and start dropping down the cliff before you can act… seems a little frustrating as a monster player, also when small terrain such as a branch stops an abduction attempt…

Warp blast was probably my least favorite of the displayed abilities, simply because the damage feels pretty low for the risk. There are two stall times, when you target the ability and when the ability fires, and you have to dive right into the heart of the hunters to use it… not really my style I guess :stuck_out_tongue:


She sucks all the money of my wallet too.


Have you seen this one yet?

  1. It can, all directions.
  2. Attacking and climbing, that I’ve noticed so far, seems to break the cloak at least temporarily (it activates once again if there is still time left on the cloak once the action stopped).
  3. It seems to increase her attack speed tremendously, thus increasing damage output. The sign that the Wraith is being affected by the field is that it glows in a phantasmagorical way. It doesn’t affect your bashing against downed opponents though.

I need to see more to start having concerns, but so far the Abduction ability seems to need a very precise aiming, and leading. It feels like its skills have a very natural chaining, too.

Abduction does deal damage, you can see by the gameplay footage when it evolves that damage is boosted when you attribute points to it. I’ve seen an abducted Hunter gets to half his health in a single move. It strikes first one he’s caught, then when it is brought back.

We haven’t seen much footage from the Warp Blast, indeed.


The combo is warp blast, supernova, abduction and then decoy.


Wrong! Check the trailer again and you can see it does damage in the evolution screen. I believe the damage is applied once you teleport back. I think I would love to start a fight by going in and using warp blast, then quickly follow up with that supernova (which btw, appear to just send Wraith into a whirlwind of scythe strikes). Oh, and love what you did with the topic title lol


Yep I watched that one. It is actually what sparked my first question, I noticed in one instance she went to the sides and I can 100% confirm that, but that time when she gets some altitude, that could just be a terrain thing. I cant say what would happen on flat terrain if I simply point my recticle straight up and burst… Also I really need to know if supernova affects pounce… if so there will be much pouncing :stuck_out_tongue:


Hmm, I will have to check the screen, I never looked at that. I have just always watch the hunters HP bars and there never seems to be an effect. I could be entirely wrong! So many questions! So few details!


Wraith is the most OP monster :smile:
It cant suck


Definetly OP needs nerf bat immidiately.


Correction, Wraith is OP because she sucks :stuck_out_tongue: she dissolves flesh and inhales it through her face! That will give you one heck of a hickey!


Abduction does do damage as stated by others above - looks like the damage comes once Wraith returns to the starting point and “slams the Hunter to the ground.” If you look very carefully during the Interactive trailer from the Wraith’s perspective, a description of each ability comes up in the bottom left “tip” corner the first time Wraith uses that ability - the “slams Hunter to the ground” quote comes from that.

What I’m really curious to hear about is what the Hunter counters to Supernova would be. Get the hell out of there, is the only one I can think of.

I agree with Peirs that, of the abilities, I will probably find warp blast my least favorite, but I can definitely see its usefulness. I see it as most similar to Goliath’s leap smash in that it moves the monster to the target location and does AOE damage upon arrival. It’s interesting to me because both warp blast and abduction seem to be best used as initiators, but of course with abduction you automatically go back to where you started, whereas with warp blast you stay in the spot you targeted. And I guess with the decoy ability being what it is, each battle as Wraith, if done well, will be a series of constant initiators. It’s all very interesting.

My overall impression as of now is: I really like how the playstyle and strategy of Wraith seems to be shaping up, and the decoy and abduction abilities in particular are really cool in that regard. I do feel like all the visual effects are a bit overwhelming, however, and may actually detract (for me personally) from the overall amazing visual look of the game. Hopefully I’ll get used to it the more I see it and that won’t be an issue.



Wraith by design is super well done. I was very reluctant towards stealth abilities for monsters, but the way they made it with decoy is the smartest and the balanced choice imo.

Her looks at the beggining were a bit weird, but now its starting to grown on me.

Apart from that I think she lacks a tiny bit of damage, I didn’t quite get the damage burst feel from supernova or the wrap blast. Some tweaks would work I presume.

As for abduction, well that ability opens up a whole new dimension in gameplay and I’m super excited to see good players making full use of its potencial. I like how precise you need to aim the skillshot, makes it fair in my eyes … altought some range tweaks could work in favor.


I really want to know this as well.


Does Abduction break sneaking?


I think yes


I hope you’re wrong lol


Abduct from behind and the hunters have no clue :stuck_out_tongue:


The problem is sneaking and then attacking takes a lot of time, the hunter will probabily escape before then and your pounce attack will miss.


I wonder if supernova attacks interrupt hunter’s shooting and using abilities…