Wraith strategy


Hi there just wanted to share my experiences with Wraith. For those having trouble winning games. Keep in mind this is my play style and the way I play Wraith.

When playing Wraith I use the “Movement Speed” perk. This works for me, again this is my play style. I like to be quick and agile. The Wraith is already quick and has a lot of movement speed as is. That extra speed really helps me out in a lot of situations.

When it comes to choosing abilities i use the first 3 points into “Warp Blast” I find this very useful when farming and getting distance from the hunters.

I start off every match by “Warp Blast” into the air so I can then “Warp” for greater distances allowing me to technically “Fly” like a Kraken. This leaves no tracks and you have a huge gap between you and the hunters.

EAT EAT EAT! Eat as many wildlife as you can as quickly as you can. The “Feeding” perk works well if your not a fan of movement speed. I would still go 3 into “Warp Blast”

Try and not be detected at the first stage. Basically avoiding the hunters. Get to stage 2. Pick 2 points into abduct and 1 point into decoy. I truly believe that decoy doesn’t need more than 1 point. Decoy is just a skill to set off mines etc.

Now your stage 2, time for hunting the hunters…Wraith really shines at stage 2 and very rarely needs to be stage 3. If the hunters aren’t using Lazarus. you should be picking them apart by getting strikes to their health.

When playing Wraith, I pick apart the “Trapper” and only the trapper. This is because if you can get the trapper down 2 strikes to his\her health, the next fight will be much easier. Also I believe you control the map with the trapper down 2 strikes. The hunters can’t constrict your movement, and you can come and go when you please without worry. Chances are the Trapper is going to avoid you at all cost especially down 2 strikes.

Once you killed the Trapper, start picking on the medic. Lazarus or not. The medic should be your next target! If Lazarus, he goes invisible pick on the “Support” Chances are he\she going to go invisible anyways. This is your time to get more armour. Considering they have no trapper, both hunters used their invisible ability.

After getting armour as quick as possible, quickly returning to the hunters. Keep in mind, both the support and the medic used their invisible ability, and they still have no Trapper. Keep attacking the hunters trying to get more strikes. If the Trappers back from the airship pick on only he\she is dead. You want full control of the map.

If no Lazarus, just continue with picking apart the Trapper until 2 strikes to his/her health. And continually getting armour. Going back for more strikes to the rest of the hunters, you should be okay.

Just remember that the Trapper is what you want to focus on. Getting those 2 strikes to his/her health. You should have full advantage. Takes time and practice, I hope this helped. I may have left a few things, I can always add later.

This worked for me and hopefully this works for you.


The only way monster does not leave tracks is sneaking so you are wrong on this one

It may be risky tactic bc medic and support will be keeping trapper alive at all cost. I would suggest focus on either medic or support (preferably support - Hank, Sunny) so it is easier to kill the next hunter


Yes sneaking doesn’t leave tracks either your right. Also Warping in the air doesn’t leave tracks either. I should have stated that when landing, make sure your sneaking after warping in the air.


Most matches I’ve been in, both medic and supports abilities run out. (Shield from hank or Val’s heal gun have emptied)


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This strategy may work against pubs but against good teams it wil never work.
Flying as a wraith, you still leave tracks, this isn’t my opinion, I know this for a fact. And I wouldn’t recommend 3 points into any ability at stage 1. If you get domed stage 1, you’re a 1 trick pony and a good team will realize this and punish you. I would recommend a 3 point spread between warp blast, abduct, and decoy. Also, focusing trapper, unless he’s out of position or they’re running a non-defensive comp, is the second worst thing you can do against a good team. Support or medic should be your primary target, depending on the comp.


I didn’t know that warping into the air still left tracks. I would have thought being so high into the air it wouldn’t…it’s good to know. That why I joined the forums lol. Thanks. And yes I played a lot pubs.


there’s lots of things to learn here


I guarantee you it does.


Yeah someone already said it does, I honestly didn’t know that. I’ve been warping in the air and bursting this entire time. Didn’t think I would leave tracks cause your so high up in the air.


Ah, didn’t notice it was pointed out!

Anyway yeah, logically it wouldn’t but for balance it must unfortunately. Also welcome!


its all good. I commented on a post that was a year ago lmao…the person replied “dude that was a year ago!” Relax on the Lazarus device hahaha! So don’t worry :slightly_smiling_face:


That was me! So sorry about that! :laughing:


Haha! No worries still funny. Me being a noob and first time user. I see your on PC. Anyways got any advise for me when it comes to Wraith. I always want to improve my game.


Well I’m probably a bit rusty due to my lack of playing recently but here are my most used tactics.

  • Sneak off the bat until you break LoS with the dropship spawn, after that run like a bat out of hell.

  • If Maggie and Daisy are on the team avoid sneaking, just run, there’s no sense in sneaking unless you’re a pro at juking Daisy like @MaddCow, his tips for juking her can be found below.

  • Always aim for Medic or Support, if they cannot be downed then just make every attempt to mitigate damage until the dome goes down and try again later, perhaps this time with a surprise attack or as the next stage (i.e 2 or 3)

  • Map awareness is key, know where to get domed and where not to get domed. As the Monster you typically have full control of how a match will play out for everyone involved and so you want to make sure that you are always a step ahead of the Hunters.

  • Always save one traversal, this is because when you are completely out of traversals it regenerates slower than it would if you had one traversal (at least that’s my understanding), plus you never know when you’ll need that extra kick to escape a dome, Hunters, or whatever other threat there may be.

  • Setting up combos is key for Wraith. A great warp blast + abduct combo is a great way to deal fast damage and then bring them in again for even more damage. Supernova is a good bait tool, use it and then attack, if they try to boost out of it then just abduct them and rip them apart all over again! :smile:

  • Decoy is very situational. Before using it ask yourself, is Rogue Val/Wasteland Maggie/Hyde/Caira on the team? If so make absolutely sure you are not poisoned/on fire when you use it otherwise the derpy AI Wraith and being as visible as a christmas tree on fire isn’t going to help you at all. Also be wary of leading the Hunters through a Venom Hound den, if none of these people are on the team but they find the albino Venom Hound then everyone can get DoT and effectively kill decoy.

  • Also be careful of specific people like Abe, he can slow entire areas making you much easier to find when invisible, also unless it is patched there’s a bug where Wraith loses all forward momentum when floating if any slow is applied to her.

  • Constantly using traversals during combat is key to victory, if you can move around without being disoriented then you can mitigate a lot of damage while dishing it out at the same time. Swapping targets can help too. Focusing a medic can force a support out of position, a simple abduct then supernova combo can mean the death of the most important Hunters on the team.

There are so many more tips I can teach or just frankly tell you but it all comes from experience. I was born in pubs, molded by pubs, and got better because I adapted my strategies until now where most of the time if I lose my armor, I let my armor get destroyed and if I lose, then typically I made a bad play that cost me the game.

Ambushing tactics aren’t above Wraith, while she might be more capable of fighting and less of hit & run tactics she’s still deceptive. She has Abduct and warp blast with arguably the best escape and combat traversal there is. Pop in, try a strike, if not, get out before they even know.

##Daisy Juking Tutorial

If you happen to have a computer and a Steam PC account (it’s free) then you can spectate me play a game of Wraith against pubs and I can bring you through my mindset or whatever else you would like to help you.


3.66sec in combat per traversal, 9secs outside of combat


Does it regen slower if you used all three traversals?


not in the info whitehawk and i have

kraken has a 1sec delay on recharge. so that might be it.


What I have come to realize recently is just how useful decoy is in supernova. As wraith you are much harder to track when popping a decoy in supernova. Then you can sneak around and pounce someone when the time is right. I agree movement speed is awesome and necessary for any sneaky player. Movement speed is also useful for supernova in theory when closing distance and maintaining damage. Abduct only needs one point, any more and the range is just stupid, a miss and you go half way across the map. I typically sneak till two and then pick an area to engage.

I don’t think it matters too much who you attack first as long as the team doesn’t have laz. I have been very hit and run recently and have won last couple of matches without losing health. I pop supernova then decoy and sneak for a pounce and when someone gets low I warp blast and focus until a down. In between I’ll warp to cover for abilities to recover.


I’ll try that combo. Supernova and decoy. Didn’t think they worked together. Seems pretty beastly.