Wraith Strategy, Tips and Advice thread


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Need help from better wraith players
Please make the wraith viable
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Stage 2: Wraith Strategy, Tips and Advice


3 points in Warp Blast+Damage Perk=S1 wins, Trust me, I have a degree in Kappacology

Warning: This will only work on uncoordinated teams as you won’t have enough versatility to break through a good teams defenses. If up against hunters worth their salt, I go Movement speed, 2 points in WB+1 Abduct works good for combining skills at S1, but S1 engages are not entirely recommended.
At S2, 3 in warp+1 in Abduct+2 in Supernova works beautifully for myself, Supernova, watch them burn fuel to escape, abduct them to you, smash em with a Warp Blast. S3 is not recommended as Wraith struggles with relay fights, so only S3 for health purposes. I do not recommend decoy, simply because I haven’t found a use for it :confused:
Good luck Wraiths ^.^


Don’t keep using 3 point warp blast.
Eventually, people will know how to counter you, and they will murder you.
Take Decoy at stage 1 like me. :slight_smile:


Wraith is a Thinking Monster’s monster. You are in for a short hunt or a long hunt. If you go for the short game, the risk-reward scenario is VICIOUSLY contrasted against the monster, and extremely do-able if you are patient, sneaky & a vicious little b*tch :heart:


is a great early game item to confuse hunters on your trail. Spam it? Yes. Absolutely. Keep the chasers on their toes. It is also a great mid-game tool for when you need to do some positioning “within-dome” or Abduction setup in the aisles. Fun stuff happens if you Supernova THEN pop your Decoy for some 1-on-1 hunter monster action (kids, cover your eyes).

Warp Blast

is multiphase attack that can 1. help you keep the pressure on an isolated hunter you are focusing, 2. scatter a tight group of hunters for some reactionary behavior opportunities (i.e. Hunter Positioning Mistakes), 3. serve as a LIMITED traversal (movement) option. This last bit is a ditch effort for dome-evasion & distance creation but does, obviously, broadcast exactly where you are which is counter to Wraith’s Stealth play build, so beware.


is an excellent isolation utility that becomes increasingly accurate & effective the more points spent on it. It does cause minor to moderate hunter damage when successful, and the “peeling the weak from the herd” effect of stealing a hunter away from the group remains its foremost function. Paired with warp blast, Supernova or even Decoy+supernova makes striking a hunter fast & efficient. Distance is your friend here so launch this one from FAR AWAY and any traps you run past/through you WILL trigger so… Markov mines are a bad foil here. Target Support & Trapper for this one. Woe unto you if you snag assault, because he wants to be in your face.


Makes any party fun and spectacular with a seizure inducing light-show of claws and death! Best practices here are for when you have support, medic or trapper in isolation and you need to pour on the damage for a strike. Works well against assault too if you need to coax out a shield usage on their end or better yet, when they have already used their shield and they are isolated. Again, Decoy + Supernova has the potential to do an incredible amount of damage in a short time while allowing you to corral and position your target in tight quarters.

[TL;dr] Wraith is Contrast. Character perks & point values I leave to your discretion, but Wraith, like most pretty, sexy princesses, loves to experiment in the bedroom so add and subtract points to fit your fancy. Caveat: This monster is a High Risk, High Reward character. Every mistake you make in combat you will pay dearly for, and the same goes for the hunters. it’s your job to cause them to make mistakes.

Now please,Won’t You Luv me, Senpai?


Alright, I’ll post my build later. Spot reserved.

EDIT: Alright, here we go.

My first advice is to use the savage wraith skin. It looks awesome. Very important.

Basically, fight at stage 2 unless you’re at low health. Pick advantageous locations, and repeat the pattern of dash in, incap hunter, dash out. Do that until the team is sufficiently weakened, unless it is Laz. Gotta go for the kill with him. Also, on a Caira-Hank combo, if you get either of them down it can be worth sticking around.

For a perk, I take traversal because the wraith’s stamina recharges really slowly right now. Good for extra battlefield maneuverability.

As for my skills, I take 2 warp 1 abduct, then 3 warp 3 abduct, which is pretty offensive. At stage 3, I take 3 into decoy if I’m at low health (which is usually the case if I evolved to stage 3) or maybe some supernova if I need extra damage.

Use abduction to, obviously, isolate hunters, but also use it for when they try to jetpack to safety or to avoid being juked up and down walls. ALWAYS TAKE ABDUCTION. This ability complements wraith’s hit-and-run playstyle perfectly, and it’s useful for delaying revives or camping bodies.

Warp blast on groups of hunters and for traversal. Pretty self-explanatory. Great for incapped hunters with people trying to revive them. Combos well with abduction to get of some nice damage (isolate-warp blast, then finish with pounce or heavy melee).

Use decoy to get into position after your break line of sight. It’s not a great escape tool, and not great in the middle of the combat area. Position yourself for abducts, pounces, and even warps with this ability. Also nice to disrupt hunter formations and then capitalize on the weaker target.

I can’t give much good advice on supernova, but I’d say just to time it well and get out right after it finishes.


The most important thing to remember when you play Wraith is that you abduct with your feet for some reason.

Three points in Abduct and Three points in Warp Blast is a nice combo.
Against better players you can still pull off Abducts as they move around corners and from behind them.

Another thing you can try is instead of spending three points in Warp Blast alone, is to save a single point and put it into Decoy instead of Warp Blast. Send the decoy away from you and use the ability to properly get in position and get a proper aim.
Be advised that the moment you even prepare Abduct, your invisibility will be broken, so try to visualize the target reticule(beam…?) and then quickly activating Abduct.

If you use Super Nova, remember to use a basic attack at least once, so you don’t do one during the super nova itself, as the animation is slow and do not benefit from the ability.


Quick question, doers putting more points into abduction increase its damage a little? With my build I want to do quick maximum damage and 3x abduct is pointless to me if its damage doesn’t increase when it is staged up.


Damage does increase with each level


It does.



My build is Move Speed perk.
3 Warp Blast, stage 1.
2 decoy, 1 abduct stage 2.
1 decoy, 2 abduct stage 3.

Using Warp Blast as another traversal, you can get around the map much faster. You can also avoid the hunters quite well, and dodge some domes if you’re lucky.

Pay attention to the trappers location, and always juke them…

At stage 2, you can engage; and begin the strike spree. I usually try to get 4 strikes before I finish the game, it makes it much easier.

I won’t go into much more detail, as others explained it well enough as well.


Lucks got nothing to do with it, just do the opposite of what trappers expect. Go Towards the trapper and warp right over his head, you’ll get out 95% of the time. Think of it like a trapper escaping a dome, start high, throw dome, go in opposite direction. This works with all monsters by the way, Goliath and Kraken over a trapper will escape 75% of the time, Behemoth rolling towards a trapper at full speed will escape 50/50. Unless the trapper is Griffin, in which case you probs won’t escape anyway


Damage perk, S1 full Warp Blast, S2 full Abduction, S3 full Supernova (unless Markov or a close ranged relay, I’d go full Decoy). Abduction->Heavy attack->Warp Blast is the combo.


The actual meta for monsters
Eat until evolve ready
dodge/survive the first dome or sneak away
Run fast and evolve to stage2
If domed, kill trapper and flee or kill medic and win game…
If not domed, eat and engage…

In order to do so I find 1 warp 2 decoy in stage one useful, and resistance or speed or feed perk, three evasive perks.

Once you are in stage two you can go for whatever you want and have options,
but I think that wraith in stage one is too weak to risk a fight or an abduction away, or to try a sneaky kill, because if you fail and are forced to fight in a disadvantage is hard to not lose the game there.


Perk: stamina
Stage1: 3 in warp blast
Stage2: 3 in abduct
Stage3: 3 in decoy (or supernova, this one doesn’t matter much)

Best thing is to control where you fight. Preferably with a couple large rocks you can circle around to flank hunters/bait them into warp blast. Try to WB into groups. Remember you can detonate warp blast early by pressing the button again. Fight near large wildlife for lols. Abducting into tyrants and plants is a lot of fun. Warp blast then abduct hunter back to you and melee. Or from a distance abduct > melee > pounce (doesn’t work as well since knockback nerf but still useful).

I can’t stress how important stamina perk is for wraith. With low health pool you’re best form of damage resistance is avoiding it altogether, which additional transversals really help with. Also helps against that annoying val/sunny/griffin/torvald comp.

  • Decoy is useful for confounding the Hunter team by triggering startle-birds for you. Unlike the other Monsters, which have no means to startle birds at range (a Rock Throw or Lightning Strike, etc., will merely kill startle-birds, but will not trigger them) the Wraith can, when it guesses the Hunters are probably on their way and can Smell a patch of birds at some distance, aim toward the birds, trigger the Decoy, and then turn around and head the other way. The Decoy will trigger the birds while you are already 80-100m away; and since Hunters know they should give bird-sign priority in their hunting techinques ahead of things like the direction Daisy is heading, they will be confused. I have used this technique to good effect many times.

  • A Level 3 Decoy can kill any large wildlife for you without assistance. If you want a big beast dead, use Decoy up close and wait 5-6 seconds.

  • Abduction’s target-indicator appears just slightly below the screen reticle. Train yourself to use the ability from-the-hip with a single tap, without having to waste time drawing a bead on your target with the indicator, by aiming with the reticle instead but just above the target’s head.

  • Warp Blast is a useful traversal tool. Take at least 1 point in Warp Blast at Stage 1 even if you don’t intend to fight the Hunters early on, to increase your facility for escaping from Mobile Arenas when you believe the Trapper is nearby - instead of just your three warp traversals, you also get the Warp Blast as well. Warp Blast’s range does not increase with level, so Level 1 is just as good as Level 3 for this non-combat evasion purpose.

  • My own preferred perk for Wraith is Movement Speed, which since the patch-buff raising 3-Stars to 25% represents a significant boost for the already fast-moving Stage 1 Wraith. This makes it possible to Sneak, or to escape in rapid flight, in series of doubling-back manoeuvres that can completely confuse an experienced Trapper trying to play correctly by heading off the Monster and who is familiar with the usual rate-of-speed for a Wraith.

  • At Stage 1, and probably Stage 2 as well, when trapped in a successful Mobile Arena dome you should be focusing on evading combat and waiting out the dome’s duration. Keep at a distance; hide behind obstacles; triple-warp and Warp Blast to make quick escapes when the Hunters close in to flush you out.

  • When in the final combat as Stage 3, after softening the Hunter team with a Level 3 Decoy, try warping up to the top of the Mobile Arena dome and then using Level 3 Abduction downward at your target below.

  • My own typical pattern of Wraith levelling choices is: Stage 1 - Decoy (2), Warp Blast (1) / Stage 2 - Decoy (3), Warp Blast (3) / Stage 3 - Decoy (3), Warp Blast (3), Abduction (3).


Q1: Are there any tips to making the decoy do something? I never take decoy anymore because every match the decoy would either stand still any do literally nothing, or warp around and not attack. Do you have to be facing a hunter to “target” it, or is there anything at all that changes the decoy behaviour?

Q2: My abducts regularly do damage to hunters, but don’t actually abduct them. They stay where they are and a bit of health goes away. Or I literally fly right through them. I only hit them consistently when Im closer than ~40m. Where should I be aiming abduct? Right on the centre of the target? Slightly above?


Put reticle on target. Decoy will focus that target.

Slightly above, you abduct with your feetses for some reason ~.~


Aiming Decoy is haphazard. If you are moving and facing in one direction when you activate it, it’s more likely to head out that way. If there is wildlife before it on that route it will attack it. It can get confused, however, if there is wildlife very close nearby when you activate the ability, and will sometimes turn around and head in a direction other than you wished.

Abduction causing health damage to the target without actually grabbing them is a known bug yet to be fixed. As for aiming it - if you are holding down the Abduction key and can see the red cylinder indicator, aim directly along it. But you can fire Abduction from-the-hip without taking the extra second to aim by just tapping the key - in that case, aim the ordinary reticle just above the target’s head (as the red cylinder indicator appears just below that reticle, not on it).


Most of this is good advice but just wanted to correct you on this. If you warp blast above the mines it will easily clear them and damage a hunter that thought they was safe in the cluster.

Edit: You can also abduct through mines and take little to no damage.