Wraith still needs a nerf

She needs to get nerfed alil bit more.
Like for instance her decoy. The damage is ok and all but when she goes invisible you need to be able to see her footprints. Its not fair to hinters because they go cloaked but yet you still see their foot prints and wraith weighs much more then a hunter. It isn’t fair and wraith gets away and some people just spam decoy to much.


10 char

Fixed it :smile:

thanks xD I was like what O_o

Any damage reveals Wraith. Having bright blue glowing footprints is way too obvious and makes the invisible feature of decoy useless.


I personally don’t even think her traversal should have footprints she’s a stealth Monster and a lot of people are forgetting that.


I think they should be less obvious or further apart. But still visible.

Decoy is fine, but what I think would have been cool is if the decoy and Wraith shared the same health and in return the decoy didn’t flash when shot and the Wraith itself didn’t turn visible when fired upon.

But, eh. People would probably find a way to abuse it.
This is why we can’t have nice things.

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So wraith would take damage dealt to decoy?

just anticipate. its very likely that wraith has choosen the opposing path to the decoy flight route.

What’s the point of the decoy then, exactly?

Goliath leaves none with his leap and you don’t see people complaining. I think it would be fine especially since warp can cover less potential ground than the leap can.

Yeah. I think it would give the feeling of an instant teleport and add to the feeling of never being sure what the Wraith would do next, which would be cool. But it would need a way to make sure the Wraith didn’t use it to escape. Perhaps if it only worked within a sphere, like Super Nova.

I think that takes away from the decoy aspect. I like how it is now, I just hate that Hunters immediately recognize it as the fake.

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To distract so you can get away, pretty much the meaning of the word “decoy”.

Except it’s taking damage. So you might as well not have popped it

I never considered it a decoy, I prefer the term summon xD

There’s no need for comments like that.

salty much? image