Wraith stage 2 is stronger than stage 3 [WTH]!

This might be the stupidest thread

But I feel wraith stage 2 is stronger

  1. Too much faster

  2. Traversal is better

  3. He continued to move too fast with decoys and wrap blast to make it almost impossible to aim against him …»»» elites and pros not noobs playing [Wraith] !!

  4. Hard to notice decoys from the actual monster because he is fast and much smaller than stage 3

I use 3 level wrap blast and 3 level decoy … And sneak … I’ve realized no one can stop me

Or no one can damage me …

And easily take a win as wraith


Stage 3

  1. Slow
  2. Transequal gun or statis can make him super slow
  3. Bigger … She is noticeable

Stage 3 obviously does more damage but she is really slower and therefore »»» she is gonna receive more damage from hunters


If anyone disagree … Then why on earth its much easier to win as stage 2 than stage 3 ???

Devs confirmed long time ago that monster’s speed doesn’t change if they evolve, you can ask one of them if you can, the animation may confuse you but the speed it’s still the same, btw, I changed the category to monsters, wraith, because you’re talking about her specifically


If I remember correctly all them monsters cover the same ground at different stages. So a Wraith Stage 2 and Stage 3 cover the same distance in the same time but because the animations and size are different it looks like the Wraith at Stage 3 is slower.

However at Stage 3 you are a bigger target so tranqs are easier to land and stealth is harder, but at Stage 3 whats the point?

Damn, Ninja’d

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Ithought the wraith never got bigger just bigger spikes on her back?

from what i understand, they cover the same ground in all stages, but their base speed is reduced to compensate for the size of the monsters


We’ll have to ask a dev to confirm this then, since I really can’t tell


also, tell bucket sentry gun number 5 to stop slacking off! xd

Why is Bucket’s sentry gun slacking off? D:

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Quote from a dev

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Stage 3 Wraith just feels weaker because she’s much easier to hit due to her increased size, pretty much making the extra health almost worthless.

Personally, I’d like to see Stage 3 be a hell of a lot scarier than it is now, across the board.

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Thank you for clearing it out :smile:

Ah shit. Disregard what that post used to be. Also, Regulars and Leaders, PLEASE refrain from looking at that edit.

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It’s all the same, it’s just that at Stage 3 hunters are ready for her which MASSIVELY fucks with her effectiveness. When you’re patroling and try to deal with her on the run she’s much more dangerous.

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He ain’t doing his job shooting the monster. He is shooting me!

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I mean to say buck sentry gun number 5 is slacking off

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Ofc the monster slows down when evolving. Just look at Goliath example. Slower, bigger and stronger.


But he is right.
Necroing a thread to spread false information deserves some facepalming.

I’m here once a month, sorry for not being super active and reading this shit daily.