Wraith Stage 1 Abduct terrorizing lvl30s


So my buddy who is a rank 10 was partied with me and the game balanced the levels by putting us with rank 25-30s. After seeing how they played for a few matches i knew they werent good level30s. Decided to have troll games as monster when my buddy left. The following ensued

Might be boring to watch but i thought it was hilarious as the hunters were terrified and became the hunted. At some point they seemed to be afraid to chase lol…I had to intentionally scare birds a few times to get them from the huddle over sunny shield drone.

Also dont mind the failed tyrant assists lol. Hope you guys get a kick out of it.


Great job spamming one attack with wraith, that takes some serious skill. Especially against pubs that you knew weren’t very good.

Bravo, bravo.


Why so mad ? He was just having fun, what’s wrong with it ? If he played seriously, the hunters entertainment could have been non-existent neither


Not mad, sarcastic.

I’m sure that if he had tried to fight them it would have been fun for all parties involved. What he did though was simply spam an attack, which is a viable strategy but isn’t really fun for anyone but himself.

He knew these guys weren’t very good, so instead of playing with them normally he took advantage of their newb-ness.


It’s clear that he found it funny and liked it enough to post it here so instead of being a dick about it don’t post anything if you didn’t like it.


Listen, I’m sorry for complaining. Obviously this guy had fun with this, but I know how frustrating it can be to play against a wraith who just wants to toy with people.


Yeah toying with low lvls is definitely mean but he didn’t run the entire game or spam decoy so really it wasn’t that bad. :stuck_out_tongue:


i have only one rule, if your gonna troll atleast lose half hp and give them a fake hope XD this atleast allows them to believe they almost won


Im sure those guys have only seen decoy spamming wraiths anyways, highly doubt theyve ever faced a. Abduct only wraith. I couldve taken 3 in WB and ended it within 4 mins, wheres the fun in that? :confused:

I did enjoy it because it was a amusing seeing them afraid to move from the drone and afraid to even chase. When they did move i abducted one away from the group. Its not like i ran all game long, we had 4-5 stage 1 engagements which is also probably rare for them.

The fact that they stayed for 2 games after that told me they were enjoying themselves. Played normally the last 2 games.

And lastly, i usually get ranked with 40s that know what theyre doing so i never get to fool around like this. It was a rare opportunity and i took it lol.


Hey they did get me down to half lol


The funniest thing to me is the really bad abduction misses.


Console pleb. :stuck_out_tongue:


Me too.