Wraith Solution....Maybe


My suggestion is below if you don’t want to read my thoughts behind it.

First I’ll say that I primarily play hunter and I don’t think Wraith is crazy OP. Especially after the first patch. However, I do think there needs to be some tweaks that would help with the overall balancing but more over make the Wraith a little more fun to go up against.

The biggest complaint, besides OP, I hear on the forums is the Wraith is able to just run until it’s Level 3 and then you fight over the power relay which can be “boring”. Of course this is dependent on the player. I’ve had quite the opposite where the player was more aggressive, attacked until it’s shield was low, ran off to replenish, and wash-rinse-repeat. Which we combated by throwing the dome late to prevent them from recharging their shield.

The problem is if you start chipping away at the Wraiths abilities then you risk losing the essence of the character, making it to weak, and then it’s no fun for anyone. So how do you force early engagements without making the monster weaker and/or taking away it’s stealthiness.

My suggestion: Make the abilities “Evolve” with the monster.

With Wraith specifically, I would suggest his speed and armor. At Level 1, reduce her speed but make the armor more substantial. That will make it easier to catch initially but would prevent the Wraith from being unduly vulnerable. At Level 2, slightly raise the speed and lower the armor. At Level 3, basically land the speed and armor where it is currently.

I’ve seen a ton of a really good suggestions on the forum but to me this one seemed simple enough that it would be easy to implement, wouldn’t completely break the character, and would provide incentives/goals for both hunter and monster.

If you like the idea…cool, if you don’t like the idea…cool, if you or someone else already had the idea…sorry. :smile:


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