Wraith Sneak Pounce in Combat


yeah, I have. doesn’t take 20 seconds to kill anyone in this game


At least Wraith Pounce works infight. Of the last 30 pounces I did with Goliath infight without being shot by anyone but occasionally the target I was pouncing on, I hit 1! ONE! Pounce without the animation breaking up mid pounce. Regardless if the target was standing right infront of me. It’s getting annoying real quick trying to pounce a lone Hunter just to be appearing like a retard doing nothing but sneaking infront of him taking his bullets for 10 seconds while 3 times trying to pounce.


weirdly the wraith jumps really far and thus misses sometimes when the target is near, kraken on the other hand can just pounce everything. it has such a high tracking… its absurd.


Don’t worry, Wraiths can stealth pounce you even if they’re tracer tracked by Abe, tranq shotted by Val, dusted by Cabot. This literally happened to me while playing Abe. During my shotgun reload the dude just pounced me… Makes zero sense. We aren’t talking about stealth if we have the monster lighted up like a Christmas tree and I just shot 6 rounds into her face 0.5 seconds ago.


I’m failing to see the issue, during all this it’s taking damage.


“damage” the issue is that its auto win with 3 downed.


Its game over with 3 down anyways…

The only way you’re gonna win with 3 down is if the last 2 of you split up and run opposite ways, or if you have assault shield

If you have the shield, pop it when you get pounced so you can survive. Otherwise the monster will just kill you anyways, it’s not like you can out run him. Sure you could be lame and do the wall climb shit where you just jump off a cliff then climb back up and jump off and climb back up again, but that’s worse than the pounce imo.


It’s already pretty much won with 3 downed, if you’re 1 on 1 with a monster and 3 dead/down team mates then you’ve lost, sooner or later, might as well be sooner.


Personally, I spam pounce attack to force medics and supports off the shields and healing devices so I can start actually killing the target once they shoot me off. It also grabs them towards you, even if you don’t deal damage so I find it useful to bring hunters closer. Also, killing the last guy trying to delay for the dropship with a sneak pounce is the easiest to close out the game.

Even though it was hilarious to see hunters jetpack dodge away only to grabbed back and pounced again, I did not realise people found it so annoying.