Wraith Sneak Pounce in Combat


is it intentional that pounce can not be interrupted by incapacitated hunters?



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never was interruptable from incaped hunters


oh well… that makes endgame all the more easy x_X


The amount of people that spam the pounce in combat is insane. I’m all for the stealth pounce out of nowhere thing, but when in combat, the monster player pounces as much or more than he uses his/her abilities, it’s sad. To me, it shows lack of confidence and skill. Also, I hate abrupt endings like no tomorrow. Getting “stealth” pounced for the last kill, wow it never gets old (sarcasm). But hey, to each their own.


It needs to be taken away when its down to one on one.


Stealth pounce is easily interrupted by a team that is covering each other and shooting the monster. The pounce itself does no damage IIRC and so there is just under a second where you’re basically getting free damage on the monster for it doing nothing.

If the monster has pounced you and it’s hurting then the hunters only have themselves to blame. The sneak pounce is a great way to ensure the hunter doesn’t boost away, and so it’s less about lack of confidence and skill and more using the tools it’s got to efficiently take down the team.

Why should the monster be punished after it’s taken out 3 of 4 hunters? TBH I’d rather monsters sneak pounced and ended the game!


It really is, the amount of times I’ve been spam pounced is ridiculous in actual combat nothing stealthy about it lol. You can only dodge for so long.

It’s a nice feature and idea but it’s abused a lot by some players.


Why does a pounce have to be stealthy?

In a 1v1 situation, if you let the wraith pounce you, you’re fucked. Don’t be in a 1v1 situation. That’s literally the worst possible scenario and you shouldn’t win unless the monster is basically dead already


Sometimes you have a chance of coming back from a 1v1 being spammed by pounce isn’t exactly fun. And the game is calling it stealth/sneak pounce.


calling it cheap would be like calling lazarus cheap… lol


no, you don’t have a chance unless the monster is terrible


Lol many people would disagree with that sometimes you would only have to hold out for the drops ship respawn.


Once again I love how any monster ability is cheap but unlimited resurrection isn’t, the ability to jetpack while stealthed isnt either. Totally not cheap mechanics. But wraith jetting away while stealthed? Hold the phone absolutely unfair, nerf her! A monster getting to pounce you because you failed to dodge, absolutely intolerable!


I’ll say it again, it’s not because you fail to dodge it’s because it is spammed. And believe it or not jetpacks can’t be spammed.


you can’t do this unless the monster is terrible


Why do people have an issue with this but not a hunter pounce in L4D? If you think about it, its practically the same thing.

Edit: Oops not directed at you @evolv, its for this thread in general


Right so if drop shop is 20 seconds away and a player survives, this makes the monster player terrible? Have you versed any good hunter teams or???


In l4d it’s a pounce, you could also melee to stop it. It’s not a stealth pounce also on l4d.


The problem isn’t the damage or the difficulty to stop it. The animation of you getting grabbed repeatedly is not fun to watch. And that it’s easily spammed meaning you can miss then within no time at all, pounce again.


Kraken pounces me, teammates shoots it off quickly
Kraken then pounces again, gets shot off again
Kraken uses vortex, then pounces, gets shot off
Kraken uses banshee mines, then aftershock, then pounces, gets shot off
Kraken uses lightning strike, pounces, gets shot off
Kraken pounces, gets shot off

^that actually happens. Order is not exact Ofcourse but it’s the same meaning. Some people actually use it even more than that in combat. Not sure if it’s just to be annoying or they actually think they will get away with it or maybe they think it does real damage. The point is that the animation alone is annoying once. Several times in a row, overkill. No skill required.