Wraith sneak attack issues


Playing Wraith yesterday I noticed that I could sneak attack without playing the animation. I’m not sure exactly why it was happening, but it was fairly consistent. I would crouch then pounce, and my animation would just show me as crouched but the hunters would take damage as if i was attacking.

I’ve also been able to use sneak attack to get inside of a dome after it was dropped. Not sure if monsters are supposed to be able to enter a dome, I know hunters can, but the team I was playing against said it wasn’t supposed to work that way.


Both hunters, monsters, and even mobs can enter a dome @peepeewizard . But of course, nothing can get out once they’re inside ;D

The animation bug has happened to me as well, but it’s not gamebreaking thankfully :grin:


Anything can enter a dome at any time.

They just can’t leave.