Wraith - should Decoy be this powerful?

I totally agree that I deserved to ‘die’ in this situation. The video is just to show the obsurd damage output of the decoy.

Oh wait you reposted my poem.
I guess that I’ll just go then.

And Parnell has highest potential DPS of all assaults in the game by a significant factor. Why isn’t he over powered?

Mhmm… Your poem is still relevant to this day, I figure you like the publicity.

Totally agree. Thank you.

There, I made a new idea for all of you Wraith OP complainers. What do you think, and would you consider this op as well? I might tweak it, depending on the reaction of everyone on the thread. I made a new thread, in order to not go off topic here.

I never said it was op, just that the damage increase could be lowered a bit to make it a bit more healthy.

Saying “just dodge it” isn’t really helpful cause, while that is effective, is not possible every single time nor is it that simple. If it were than the monsters would never win cause everybody would “just dodge it”

I have seen this thread many times before and every time I will argue that it makes his ability useless.

I don’t think so, if you follow this with an ambush point, you could Abduct someone away, and Supernova the target. It would make the Wraith more of a stealth monster, instead of a low health, high damage, glass cannon, brawler.

And the Wraith is a her.

Post on the other thread, don’t pull this one off topic.

Everything is dodgeable, but the difference between better players and worse ones is how consistently they can react and respond to situations. It’s true it is possible to have 100% avoidance, but to play that consistently and effectively is takes a level of skill that will constantly increase in difficulty.

That was meant to be “this”, my bad.

I’ll use your own logic against you, Key. If you think turning invisible the entire game while having a decoy to distract the Hunters while you go off to la-la land is “useless”, I think it might be YOU that would be “mad cuz bad” or whatever nursery bullshit rhyme you spouted a few posts ago.

You said the decoy doesn’t do damage 90% of the time.

Then you say the ability would be “useless” without the damage component.

Sounds to me like you’re a hypocritical liar, and probably quite bad at playing the game as well. Get better and use real abilities.

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Exactly so saying “just dodge it” isn’t going to help the average player

Just dodge it is the nice way of saying get better, ok?

I’m done pretending.

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Why don’t you stand still with ANY monster attacking you and tell us how that works out for you.

It might be if it was actually useful advice.

A 3 year old can figure out that not doing something that hurts means you won’t get hurt.

And a three year old won’t complain to his mother that the Stove should be colder because it hurts when you touch it.


The ‘Decoy’ was attacking me not the monster.

You just brought on the biggest sigh in the history of sighs. /Thread
You dodge questions better than you dodge monsters.

Well a decoy is pretty much the equivalent of a level 3 rock throw, if you arent moving while Goli is winding that bbmf up, you will get hit for roughly 65% of your health