Wraith - should Decoy be this powerful?

I really hate to say it but you made almost no effort to avoid the damage.

Ive been saying the same. Everytime decoy is deployed it should be at a cost. Health or armour. At least then the wraith will have to consider the consequences. And not spam the abality without backlash.

Yeah but when ur team is doing everything possible to keep up and dome the wraith, constantly pausing to fiddle with a decoy gets frustrating and more importantly Boring. It just seems ridiculous that the decoy does ANY damage. The hunters should be able to run through the decoy like a hologram. Giving it a health bar wouldnt be bad at all. The health bar would increase the realism which is the point of the decoy.

The wraith doesn’t have the health/armor bar to be able to make it cost that -.-… If they implemented this, they would raise her health and/or armor bar. And everyone would cry more.

The Wraith isn’t doing damage, the Decoy is, and shooting the Decoy carelessly still won’t hurt the Wraith…

I don’t care either way, I doubt it will be changed. When I play Wraith, I play against my friends, and they aren’t pugs. This makes Decoy pretty useless. Everyone knows how to counter it. Decoy against decent players, will not give decent stealth, and it will not do sufficient damage to be worth using over the other abilities.

That’s what I would want for high tier play.


Play against any decent Wraith, and they will kill you without a Decoy. High tier play hates the ability, because it’s damn near useless. Supernova, Abduction, and Warp Blast will allow much more control over the battlefield. I can set up a game for you, with one of my friends, he uses almost nothing but Abduction, Melee, and Warp Blast (very rarely Supernova, but if you group up like a newb, he will take advantage of the situation). If you’re on PC that is.

I think a good way to fix this would let any damage to the decoy carry over a percentage to the wraith. Maybe 50%?

Or just shoot the Wraith in stealth? It’s not that hard, as you know exactly where they’re going, because they can’t warp anymore.

Use a Caira, or a Hyde, and you counter even harder with flames.

Nah its easy enough to shoot the actual Wraith and deal 100% damage, specially with hyde, Hyde is absolutely amazing against Wraith. Nades make supernova big damage areas, minigun has so much spread it can reveal a Wraith pretty easy, and his Flamethrower, oh god his flamethrower, literally the most effective thing against Wraith ever. Meltin Wraith faces has become my favorite thing to do when i play hunter, just so much fun

I agree with decoy getting a cost. Full life bar - however it shall become undodgeable. After all what I am paying I will never get back so if I use my 3 point decoy for a lifebar correctly. I want a strike on my target no questions asked.

If decoy did not damage it would literally be a decoy.

Making the decoy killable and having it cost an armor block to use would help IMO. Also i dont think the wraith should be able to eat while invisable.

alos, the master of one does not necessarily mean he is useless in coordinate play

We were having the same discussiona gain today. Can you, or can you not ‘Kill’ the decoy by shooting it. Is it a timed skill, or can you stop it by shooting it. I said you could, other guy absolutely said that you couldn’t. So what is it?

Because since the 0,5 second “show” timer it is actually a lot better to counter, but those hits… If you can just remove the decoy by shooting it a few times with hard damage…?

I played a fair bit of Wraith in the beginning, as far as I’m aware, it lasts about 7 seconds and harming it makes no difference. It would be simple enough to do a few trial and errors, but even if you could shorten the time, versus 7 seconds, the difference would be minute.

She needs a friggin buff, she is laughably easy now.

Stop trying to ruin Wraith even more, pubs!

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I know right? They got her nerfed this bad, and they want her nerfed again. :laughing:

Love these forums some times.

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The main problem is that decoy does more damage than the Wraith’s own melees, and that for some god forsaken reason it is buffed by supernova.

This, combined with the only counter being “backup and shoot the decoy until it dies” (because if you ignore it it still aggros onto you) allows the Wraith to easily slip away with no risk.

It’s annoying, pure and simple, as every other main damage ability in the game must be aimed aside from this one.

The FU($ing DECOY is the most aggravating thing in the game. It takes 0 skill to use and does WAY to much damage. Hell ive been hit 4 times by one decoy. Often itll hit twice for close to half health. And players just spam the hell out of it. I HATE WRAITH…its a puss monster with puss mechanics. Decoy should cost health/armour or be killable or do less damage. I say take wraith out completely. Its just a boring match.

Decoy isn’t even worth a single point anymore, much more effective to use Warp Blast, Abduct and Supernova only

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