Wraith - should Decoy be this powerful?


Link below is a video showing decoy incapacitating me from nearly full health. Anyone else think this is rediculous?



Wraith Decoy

If you don’t dodge, you deserve to die. Same goes to any other abilities from any other monster.



How do you dodge it if it uses traversals…
and is very fast…
and can be placed directly ontop of you

thats the thing with decoy
theres no counter to it
you just hope it doesn’t aggro on to you

wraith wins no matter how she uses decoy
it either downs someone
hits them for half there health
or forces them to stop and avoid it
decoy has always been a problem
this is not news



Question: Why do the best players of tournaments (those coming in top 3) say that only skywraith is the viable build?

It’s because decoy is actually completely manageable and has the lowest skill ceiling of the wraith’s abilities.

Oh, I’m not saying it’s useless. I’m just saying it’s only amazing against players who don’t play against it.

That means the wraith is also on top of you. Three of your team can be shooting it.

Fly up.

That means you fucked up.

See previous statement.

Like rock throw, charge, leap smash, flame breath, aftershock, banshee mines, lightning strike, vortex, warp blast, supernova, and abduction?




these abilitys don’t slow down the hunters at all unless someone gets hit by it

decoys capable of 3 shotting hunters while keeping the wraith completely safe
these abilitys all put the monster in danger or slow them down as well

where as there is no risk to using decoy
or skill



When I play kraken, I’m always throwing vortex and banshees behind me. You dodge, or you get hit chasing. And then I get a ton of distance. When I play goliath, I stop between two chokes and toss a rock through, so they either get nailed or they get slowed even more. It’s possible to lightning strike from across the entire map.

Do I really need to bring out the crayons?



Theres only so many times you can dodge the decoy before it just travels towards you again and attacks. I actually tried to dodge the last couple of hits in the video but i was just getting juggled. Its not like any other monster ability where you can dodge it once and be fine.



People who can “handle” wraith give out contradictory information all the time. Use jet pack to dodge decoy, supernova and melee ignoring the fact that these are used in conjunction and you can’t stay airborne forever.



No, Decoy is completely unbalanced, and adding 2 seconds to the cooldown, TRS, is not the answer. Decoy was meant as a defense mechanism, but instead is being used as a primary offensive attack.

The Decoy is invincible. It has no directive to run, so it will engage hunters with 100% aggression. There is no way to dispel it with damage.

Decoy gets +75% damage per point. No other monster ability scales that quickly. Again, this is a defensive ability, but gets the highest damage increase of all monster abilities.

Decoy does more damge than the Wraith itself when maxed out. A Decoy without Supernova can 2 shot a hunter with 2 strikes, but a Wraith inside a Supernova takes at least 4 hits to kill a hunter with 2 strikes (I saw this just last night). In what other game does your clone/decoy/hologram do more damage than thr original?

Wraith can eat while invisible. In the heat of combat, a Wraith can pop Decoy and eat all the armor it needs, while still engaging the hunters with Decoy.

Decoy counters too many hunter weapons/abilities. Lightning Gun, Damage Amp, Daisy, Harpoon Traps, Arc Mines, and Sentries are all rendered useless by Decoy.

These benefits might not be overpowered on their own, but with aaaaaaallllllllllllll of them combined, it makes on very broken ability.



“Question: Why do the best players of tournaments (those coming in top 3) say that only skywraith is the viable build?”

Chappie challenge was won by a normal run to stage three wraith. Won is under stating it really. effortlessly crushed in a predictably boring and embarassingly unfair series of games is more like it.

Wraith is not just op, it poisoned and killed this game. it is like a case study in how to not balance something, exasperated by the fact that this is a game with a steep learning curve.



“Please make the wraith do no damage so I can shoot it carelessly and win games”
All this video shows is someone standing still and letting a decoy beat them to death.

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I want the wraith to do more damage.
Gives em more of a nip
Doesnt make me seem heartless for meltin its pretty lil face wit me flamethrower
Decoy dangerous
Hydes the dangerous one here



Hyde grew on me. He’s my favorite. I melt the fucking monsters fucking face all day.



if you are posting on this forum then surely you care about the game, in which case you must realize that your statement is counter productive. if you are actually just a troll then i guess you got me, and i have fed you attention, in which case i apologize to the community.

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I hate when people say “HYDE ISNT VIABLE, HE NEEDS BUFFS”
And im just sitting here, waiting for his buff, laughing because now hes gonna be op af

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Pointing out things in said posted video is trolling.



He isnt trolling, hes bringing up an issue with the video, one that is quite clear. The wraith honestly isnt that bad, people just refuse to change their gamestyle to counter her, which leads to frustration, which in turn leads to threads like this one. Yes, a bit of a nerf is needed, but some people just blow it out of proportion and it can get on some peoples nerves, especially after hearing the same bloody thing 900 fracking times :confused:



Another wraith thread about decoy when she is already getting nerfed :weary:

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the concern is that the wraith will still be idiotically op even after the balance change. decoy really shouldnt do damage.



If decoy did not damage it would literally be useless

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